Case Studies

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Multi-category marketplace improves conversion with 1:1 personalization

MercadoLibre automates vendor image moderation with AI

Gramicci sees exponential eCommerce growth with 1:1 personalization

Kapiva solves for shopper retention with 1:1 personalization

Diesel enhances product data with AI-powered automated tagging

Vestua cracks 1:1 personalization for single piece inventory

Purple Style Labs personalizes digital luxury

Milaner sees increase in conversion and engagement rates with on-model product imagery

Lifestyle brand improve conversions with 1:1 shopper journeys

Middle East marketplace powers growth with personalization

Retailers take personalization off the site and into emails

North America's largest multi-brand retailer enriches their product catalog with AI-powered tagging

Indian luxury marketplace sees increase in AOV with personalization

Resale marketplace see improved user engagement with personalized recommendation

Japanese eCommerce marketplace gets ahead of the curve with

Personalization for India’s luxury fashion industry

Delivering personalization for circular fashion industry