Case Studies

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Multi-category marketplace improves conversion with 1:1 personalization

MercadoLibre automates vendor image moderation with AI

Gramicci sees exponential eCommerce growth with 1:1 personalization

Kapiva solves for shopper retention with 1:1 personalization

Diesel enhances product data with AI-powered automated tagging

Vestua cracks 1:1 personalization for single piece inventory

Purple Style Labs personalizes digital luxury

Milaner sees increase in conversion and engagement rates with on-model product imagery

Lifestyle brand improve conversions with 1:1 shopper journeys

Middle East marketplace powers growth with personalization

Retailers take personalization off the site and into emails

North America's largest multi-brand retailer enriches their product catalog with AI-powered tagging

A luxury lifestyle brand is seeing reduced manual effort, an increase in product views, and better conversions with VueTag

Accelerated User Onboarding & Pre-assessment ForAn Asia-based D2C Smile Transformation Brand

Colearn transforms personalized learning in Asia with AI

Data processing teams get more efficient and improve workflow automation with AI