AI Powered Personalization Engine

Personalization that works for Beth, Liz, Becca & Sammy

Better tags, real-time users action data, and complete profiles of your users – when they all come together, AI models start to work on a first-name basis.

The world's best decision engine in your hands

A Gartner MQ Leader for the 5th consecutive year

Forrester Wave Strong Performer in Experience Optimization

A G2 Leader in Personalization Engines

A TrustRadius leader in both A/B Testing and eCommerce Personalization

Rich Behavioral Data Meets Content Graphs

Legacy Systems. Unclear data. Broken experiences.

Customer insights without clean product data? Like knowing the recipe, but missing the ingredients. Clean product data + enriched content data + customer insights + AI: The Magic Combo

How’s personalization engine works

8 Channels. 10 Departments. 1 Customer Experience.

Why burden your customer with all the woes of each of your department's needs? Design one immersive CX for your customer with’s cross-channel intelligence

Get Personal

Don’t sell products, sell engaging customer experiences.

Customer 360

Say no to scattered data. This is your one-stop-shop for all customer data.

Performance Insights

Identify unknown visitors; measure campaign performance to move customers closer to conversion.

Customizable Rules

Adjust business rules and weighted personalization to make every journey relevant with customizable AI.

Centralized Customer Data

Customer preferences and consent from one single place - plan, strategize and execute targeted campaigns across channels easily.

Sow Smiles, Harvest Profits

Balance user experience and profitability

A/B Testing

Run, identify and measure impacts of winning A/B experiments on revenue, pipeline and growth.

Inventory Insights

Determine demand, plan for inventory stockouts, understand preferred customer products

Revenue & Journey Metrics

Revenue attribution with customizable dashboards and reports

Risk Meter

Revive disengaged segments - Reignite customer engagement

Guesses to Gold

Don’t make decisions based on intuitions anymore. 

Dynamic 1:1 Personalization

Tailored content for
each shopper's intent and preferences, in real-time

Journey Experience Management

Consistent exprience across touchpoints - Predictive analytics nails channel, message & time.

Fall-back Strategy

Data lacking for dynamic personalization? AI shifts to content-based suggestions. Plan B's got you.

Robust Audience Segmentation & Targeting

Segment users on buying behaviour, RFM, intent, pycholographics and many more.

Data-Driven Personalization

Rich graphs for meaningful personalization, actionable insights on where customers spend more time and what drives conversions.

Cookieless & Privacy First

Privacy-first consistent experience: All users, no cookies, just 1st-party data.

Omnichannel Marketing

Mass personalization that resonates with users

Pick up where you left off

Create and run marketing campaigns on website, app, email and notifications seamlessly.

Dirty Data, No More

Clean and consistent product data + customer data to deliver hyper personalized content to customers.

Secure Data

Airtight privacy compliance; PII masking and no customer data storage makes your customer data safe and secure.

1:1 Targeted Campaigns

Integrate with your marketing systems and run personalized campaigns that convert

Why choose’s personalization solution


in Directly Attributable Revenue


increase in Average Order Value


increase in conversions


increase in Engagement

Product Intelligence with AI

1:1 Personalization

Dynamic Personalization

Customizable AI

Easy Integration

Personalization Spanning Every Step Of User Journey

The key to unlocking customer trust, not just their wallets

Say farewell to lost time in endless searches! Imagine a virtual assistant crafting tailored recommendations for each buyer's needs – your trusted companion in decision-making.

Personalize, cross-sell and re-engage customers. Rescue your emails from spam and bring back customers.

It is love at first sight. Ensure you hook your customers by showing exactly what they are looking for even before they know it.

Wrong terms, typos, synonyms are not excuses
anymore for customers bouncing off your site.
We can fix all of that once and for all!

The personalization solution introduces world standards to our platform

Karen Bruck

VP Marketplace, Hispanic
South America Markets - a great recommendation engine! We are seeing an uplift in our conversion rate and AOV across the business by automating product recommendations.

Ankit Bansal

Head of Digital

We see AI as a way to designing end-to-end experiences and is one of the best partners who can design this whole experience for us.

Abhay Saboo

Co-founder & CEO


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