AI in Ecommerce & Consumer Retail

The Gold Standard For Retail AI

Battle-tested in ecommerce and consumer retail AI rollouts across industry leaders.
Get your merchandizing, cataloging, product, marketing,
creative, and data transformation teams the wins they need.

Born in AI, Raised in Consumer Retail’s algorithms devour product and shopper data, captivate shopper experiences, automate stable processes and optimize evolving strategies.

With Great Inventory Comes Great Data (AI-generated, of course)

Inventory and Content Management

Rich & Clean Data

Clean and enrich the basic building blocks of your business.

Go-To-Market In A Snap

Upload new products, launch new collections, onboard 100 more new vendors with massive catalogs - all in minutes.

Automate Routine Tasks

Supercharge your teams’ productivity by automating repetitive tasks with AI.

The Art of Customer Delight

Customer Experience Management

Memorable Customer Experiences

Individualized experiences for Beth, Liz, Becca and both Sammys.

Unlock Customer Loyalty

Curated experiences that’ll turn shoppers into your brand’s advocates for life.

Customer 360

The secret ingredient to exceptional experiences - clean & contextual customer data.

Personalized Search Results

No more than a couple of shopper scrolls to find what they are looking for. That’s our promise.

Elevating the Retail Experience with Automation

Intelligent Retail Automation

Cut Down on $$

Automate mundane processes that gobble up time, money, and resources with AI.

Not A Single Product Left Behind

Get the most value out of all your inventory - the new and the excess.

Embrace Inclusivity Through Imagery

Relatable diverse and inclusive fashion models for your shoppers to feel at home.

From Chaos to Control:
The Art of Precision

AI-Based Optimization Strategies

Inventory Insights

Learn how your shoppers look at your store, what they buy, and what they dont.

Demand Forecasting

Data-driven insights to understand the six Ws of your business and then some.

The Path To Retail Success

Mend the data. Deliver joy to shoppers. Automate the mundane.



increase in conversion rate


reduction in time to market


increase in unique product views


saved per person per week




Home & Furniture


One Retail Platform. Four Hubs. All Your AI Needs In One Place.

Plug all your apps and CMS/PIMs into a single source, and watch AI power your catalog,
merchandising, product and analytics teams.

One platform. One Data 360 layer.

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Head of eCommerce

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Associate Vice President