Gramicci sees exponential eCommerce growth with 1:1 personalization

The lifestyle clothing brand is successfully delivering engaging, personalized shopper experiences across channels with

The big picture


of total revenue directly attributable to


uplift in sitewide conversion rate


uplift in click-through-rate on mobile site

The outdoor clothing market will grow by $3.9 billion in three years. Shoppers are moving towards more deliberate, accessible shopping patterns and expect retailers to deliver experiences at par or exceeding offline shopping experiences across multiple online channels.

Gramicci—an outdoor lifestyle clothing brand—has made tremendous inroads across geographies and generations with trend-conscious, high-performance clothing. Their apparel co-exists in the golden area between performance and lifestyle wear. Their innovative and stylish aesthetic has a dedicated following in the US and Japan.

The Gramicci and teams have been working together to implement recommendation strategies that can maximize conversion and drive forward data-driven decision-making to personalization on the site. They were also keen to find new use cases and styles for recommendation strategies across the shopper journey.

The need

Gramicci’s focus is to deliver exceptional shopper experiences that complement the cross-cultural appeal they have among shoppers. They have a growing shopper base and a high level of engagement across multiple channels.

The Gramicci and teams worked together to:

Implement personalized recommendation solutions that would help improve engagement and conversion rates.

Encourage shoppers to engage more and better with the products by varying placement, quality, and type of recommendations.

Increase engagement and conversion on mobile devices through a data-led understanding of mobile usage by Gramicci shoppers

Gramicci partnered with as the solutions offered would help them understand user behavior better while providing nuanced feedback on how to deliver engaging and relevant recommendations tailored for every shopper on their site.


For personalization solutions to have an impact, it is necessary to personalize every step of the shopper's journey. Personalized content should provide relevant touchpoints and nudge the shopper forward meaningfully. It should allow shoppers to discover more products while ensuring they remain engaged and active on the site.

Mobile page personalization to help shoppers discover products and improve click-through-rate

After analyzing user behavior and navigation across mobile pages, worked with the Gramicci team to implement the grid-view recommendations for the mobile site.

  • Users engaged more with products in the grid view as opposed to carousel view on the page.
  • Improved click-through rate meant shoppers discovered more products across the site.
  • Gird-view style recommendations led to a significant uplift in’s contribution to the customer’s revenue.

Personalized recommendations to deliver engaging shopper journeys across the site.'s team worked with Gramicci's team to build impactful recommendation strategies that would:

  • Understand and enable product discovery with products that match shoppers' intent and preferences from the minute shoppers come on-site.
  • Show products from across categories and attributes that users have shown a maximum affinity towards while surfacing recommendations that are part of the latest collections and are trending on the site.
  • Ensure shoppers are shown relevant recommendations from the first touchpoint and help returning shoppers continue their journey from where they left off.

1:1 recommendation solutions based on data-backed analysis for improved engagement and conversion

The teams worked together to continually improve, experiment, and tweak recommendations aligned with shopper usage and business goals. 1:1 personalization helped:

  • Add short-term value by ensuring shoppers remain engaged and interested on-site.
  • Add long-term value by increasing retention and CLV on-site.
  • The Gramicci team saw a significant month-on-month improvement in revenue contribution in two quarters since going live.

Key takeaways

  • A business strategy that accounts for differences in shopper experience, usage, and purchase patterns across channels is critical for retailers to succeed.
  • What is also needed is data-backed personalization strategies that are scalable and can be used to understand how to analyze, experiment, and implement strategies according to the channel.
  • Our customers have been working with the team to understand, implement, and adopt strategies that would enable 1:1 dynamic personalization to be carried across all channels.
  • A data-backed personalization solution is one of the assured ways to ensure improved conversions and customer retention.