Colearn transforms personalized learning in Asia with AI

Learn how Colearn uses AI to transform education and deliver personalized learning to more than 4 million students.

The big picture


Students in Indonesia benefitted from by finding apt solutions for their day-to-day problem-solving


Solutions served for 80M problems. An average of 20 problems per student were solved with the help of AI

The edtech market is expected to reach $605.4B by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 15.52% during this decade. Tablets, MOOCs, whiteboards, LMS, and interactive on-demand classrooms are becoming the norm. And for a good reason. AI and data-powered methods of learning are transforming education from the ground up in classrooms around the world and accelerating literacy and computation for students who had limited means of access earlier.

Colearn is an edtech company on a mission to revolutionize education in Indonesia. The company is built on a culture of putting students’ learning experiences at the center of their goals. Colearn started as a chain of physical tutoring centers. The last two years have seen them pivot to an app-based tutoring format.

Colearn’s app offers more than 500,000 pre-recorded videos with homework help. Their users ask about 5 million questions through the app each month, and the platform matches them with video tutorials recorded by tutors who break down key concepts.

The need

Colearn currently has about 4+ million students using the app and WhatsApp for learning. Students ask anywhere between 200,000 to 1M questions everyday. 5000 hours of tutorial videos are watched as part of learning. Any solution needs to cater to the volume and be flexible enough to scale. Traditional tutoring surfaced three critical issues:

  • Tutor availability:
    Students were used to having a tutor answer their questions. The lack of availability of good tutors proved
    to be a hindrance.
  • Shortage of on-demand tutoring:
    Tutoring requires on-demand availability of tutors, and hands-on teaching. Tutor shortage meant
    on-demand tutoring was unavailable during critical times like exams.
  • Lack of standardization:
    There was no single standardized format or method which students could depend on for their learning.

Provide real-time, accurate answers

Scale to fulfill both the volume of questions and across subjects

Compete in a crowded market while also delivering results for students

Maintain the right taxonomy for the index questions and solution videos

Colearn’s partnership with has enabled students to capitalize on the available means of learning. These range from instructional videos to live classes to integrated learning platforms that help students understand and build on their knowledge of the subject. With the challenge of detecting the question submitted by the student and matching it to the correct video solution explanation from the app’s repository of videos, key goals were identified for the intervention and implemented.


With, Colearn could significantly increase the volume of queries they handled, the high accuracy and flexibility to deliver results across multiple subjects in the native language. Colearn also saw a significantly higher user retention when they used's AI-powered video solutions compared to the other features in the app.

Better Retention through Recommendations

Colearn saw a significantly higher user retention when they use the powered video solutions compared to the other features in the app.

Student Feedback Indicates High Satisfaction With AI-Powered Results

86% of the results served by were found to be useful for students in search of solutions, thus accelerating their learning curve

Key takeaways

  • Adopting AI across educational platforms has been a game-changer for the industry. Education—formal and informal has seen better retention and improvement in student learning with the growth of AI-aided learning tools.
  • met Colearn’s challenges of providing answers to students at scale by customizing and continually working with the Colearn team to meet learning needs and solve issues from distant tutoring.
  • Simplifying the ‘Ask’ part for the students ensured that they could find an answer to their questions and explore the subject deeper, regardless of choice of input and language.
  • Improved accuracy, flexibility, and handling multiple subjects in the native language at scale have ensured Colearn students keep returning and persisting in their learning goals.