AI-Powered Content Moderation Solution

Small step
for data, giant leap
for digitalization

Interpret rules uniformly, iterate feedback loops instantly and label data consistently - without human moderators. Eliminate the pinch points.

AI Content Moderation The Content Patrol

Red flags. Unwanted content. uses image recognition, computer vision, and more to safe guard your brand’s integrity.

Ctrl + Alt + Defeat

The tool that accepts and rejects content in a jiffy

Ensures content quality
and consistency

Tough-as-a-nail tools. Easy prediction and quick feedbacks.

Image Recognition

Like the police of the internet, the tool auto-assesses visual attributes in an image.

Guidelines Arsenal

Pre-set library with a variety of guidelines. Never run out of ammunition.

Natural Language Processing

The models can understand the context in which texts are used, reducing false positives in content moderation. Like a human.

Chores turn cheers

Sensitive to content detection, easier takedowns and instant adaptation.

Calibrate. Detect. Perfect.

Dynamically calibrate the margin of error, for effective content detection.

Trainable AI Models

Build custom trained models based on specific types content submitted.

Why - Content Moderation


Accuracy in detecting user qualification


Reduction in user bounce rate


Reduction in rollback rate

Cutting edge AI

Real-time assessment

Custom guideline support

Instant feedback loops

Solving Content Chaos, In Moderation

Serve only crisp, appetizing visuals. Auto-reject menu listings
if content is invalid, images are blurred or have boundaries.
Your AI, your rules.

Rescue your insurance business from the risks of fraudulent imagery. detects morphed and skewed pictures with precision. Reconcile documents & claims qualifications in an instant.

Revamp mixed product images from vendors to a standardized marketplace presentation, effortlessly.

Sharp photos improve property appraisal and buyer appeal. Allow AI to auto-accept property photos, based on criteria.

Proper categorization, privacy considerations and professional composition make ads a win-win and the tills ring-ring.

Patients upload their diagnostic images. AI evaluates and assigns them to the right consultant. Faster than it takes to say tachycardia.

Make Your Data Make You Money

Field teams being powered by tribal team knowledge?
IT managing a ton of apps across the org that don’t talk to each other?
Analytics teams with no bandwidth ever?’s Orchestration Platform

One platform. One Data 360 layer. Plug all your apps and data into a single source, and watch AI power your field, IT and analytics teams.

We’ve been using’s image moderation solution and we’ve seen an increase in add to cart rate by 30% and the final conversion rate has increased as well.

Hibaru Maywood

Head Of Global Business


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Vue Powered: How a dental center bit more than it could chew and tasted success

Patients lose patience when the doctor’s office repeatedly returns dental selfies. Reason: Unfit for pre-assessment. Could we automate the image assessment and acceptance?

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1. Faster onboarding of patients
2. Reduced bounce rate
3. Ever smiling users.

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Receiving images that aren’t well .... publish-worthy? Not a problem.

The deal breaker:’s content moderation solution recognizes and rectifies all aberrations, while adhering to rules.

X. Inconsistent image blurs
X. Warped watermarks
X. Sneaky semi-visibles
All gone in 60 seconds.