Decision Intelligence on steroids

Global Maxima or Local Minima? Trust for the never ending complexities of data

Let your analytics teams win with
the Optimization Hub

Goodbye isolated experiments and analysis. Increase your revenue & stay a couple of steps ahead of your
competition with integrated, unified, real-time experiments, analysis and AI-powered insights

AI enabled Analytics
in a complete package

Vue delivers high-quality data generated by AI that captures insights into the relationships among content in a catalog, customers, and business operations. The platform provides ready-to-use advanced AI models designed for a wide range of use cases. It empowers all types of users with no-code, low-code interfaces for AI without extensive coding. The AI ensures that you can report what matters most to your business by offering real-time, up-to-date, and accurate data.

Business intelligence & hassle-free integration
to read, process and manage data

Easily Integrate, collect, process, analyse & deploy your data to 100+ sources & analytics apps. Vue ensures your data - throughout its entire lifecycle of connection, preparation, analysis to insights - is streamlined for governance, security & compliance without compromise.

Enterprise grade analytics
personalized for your needs

Supercharge your business to new heights with the power of data. Whether it’s zero, first or third party data, Vue empowers you to easily create reports, custom metrics and take full control of your data within Vue or effortlessly deploy it externally.

Business Insights:
Living, changing, progressive

Stay informed and make smarter decisions with real-time insights. Our near real-time updates will keep you up-to-date on the ever-changing dynamics of your business.

like you've never done before

Vue’s no code interface allows anyone to build custom reports in a few clicks by connecting metrics with visuals in a simple drag & drop interface. Or just ask Vue’s AI to generate a report for you in the click of a button.

Unlock hidden ROI
through experimentation

Never guess! Use the insights gathered from experiments to identify & optimize your campaign or model performance.

Vue Optimization Hub Toolkit


Performance Analytics & dashboards across different channels & entities, all in one place. Gain actionable insights & act on them.

No-code experiment design

Want to run an experiment but don’t have expertise to design one? Don’t fret, with Vue’s no-code interface you can configure any type of experiment you want.

Industry specific wide range of Pre-defined metrics & reports

Near real-time dashboards & Out-of-the-box analytics in different dimensions + filters

Custom metric/event creation with a simplified UI

Need more than the available presets? Using a simple low-code interface define your own custom events or metrics

No code metric visualization & report building

Build your own analytics dashboard with a simple drag & drop interface by combining any metric with any visual.

Export Reports

Configure export of Any metric or report in a few clicks for offline consumption/analysis

Coming Soon
  • Stay on top of your business with AI Alerts - Configure notification & alerts

  • Share reports, back your concepts with data - don’t just export share a direct link to the dashboard

  • Create metrics, get insights with CO-pilot - Analytics with AI


Optimize the performance of your experiences across touchpoints & channels via no code experimentation. Data is served to your hands

No-code experiment design

Get 360 degree view of every customer with micro profiles that unifies data from web,app, POS, contact centers. Like the DJ who mixes up insights to make the data sing.

A/B & Multi-variate testing

Effortlessly create, measure & manage tests between two or more variations across touchpoints

Analyze Experiment with precision

Set-up goal, metrics & confidence score to determine the winning variation. Use the data to continuously optimize performance in near real-time.

Experiment & Optimize across levels

Experiment locally between different recommendation models or between different touchpoints within an experience

Test more than models, test your customer experience

Configure experiment which can test different visual layouts.

Coming Soon
  • Multi-page testing- 
Test user experience across pages as a single journey


Use our predefined models to forecast & provide you with valuable predictions and insights to enhance your analytics

Pre-trained predictive models Center

Use our native predictive models to enable smarter analysis & boost ROI. Forecast demand, predict customer behavior

Coming Soon
  • Build your own prediction & insight models with AI - Easy to use low-code interface to train & build prediction models based on your data

Optimization Hub for Developers & ML Engineers -
Decision Science Suite


Explore fresh industry insights, high impact strategies and the latest expert perspectives on AI for business.


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