AI Agenda 2024:
eCommerce Priority Pulse

The factors orchestrating eCommerce in 2024 and a bonus cheat sheet to understand where businesses can start their AI journey

It's not news that the eCommerce & consumer retail industry has had its fair share of black swan events over the last few years. With shoppers having seen the best of both worlds, teams have had no choice but to make shopping across all mediums the most inspiring it has ever been. AI has been a central catalyst for growth as business efficiency and seamless omnichannel experiences have become more critical than ever.

Explore eCommerce leaders' 2024 objectives worldwide and AI's role in enhancing productivity, cost-efficiency, and CX.

An exciting freebie in the report is’s incredible new AI cheat sheet for eCommerce retailers. The result of conversations, solutioning exercises, and workshops we run with our retail teams, the cheat sheet brings a simplified way to understand where to start and what teams need to become AI-natives in the long run, and building out the ideal AI Transformation journey for businesses.

Drawing from retail leaders' insights, data on business needs, and thousands of eCommerce team discussions, this report offers crucial industry insights and AI's relevance in 2024.

Addressing changes in the industry and building resilience with AI.

Enhancing data quality, governance; refining strategy with clean data.

Managing shoppers, loyalty, omnichannel experiences, and personalization effectively.

Transitioning to automation - balancing scale and efficiency.

Optimizing price, inventory strategies; leveraging data for efficiency.