Make STP & Optimization Your Policy

A single platform to automate the entire insurance process - lead scoring, campaign and marketing management, applications, underwriting and policy onboarding, policy servicing, claims processing and disbursement.

This is insurance made easy for both employees and customers using AI.

Embraced by iconic enterprises around the world

The Path To Business Success

Data 360

Insurance specific data models that build clean, structured data that powers all your applications.

Fluid data models for the insurance industry across general, P&C, health, life, etc.

Entity relationships for these, interdependency mapping between these entities, matching industry standards for data schema.

Data sources

Sources include customer applications, identity documents, underwriting forms, claims forms and proof documents.

Customer Experience & Personalization

Enrich, visualize & segment customer and transaction data to build real-time 360 profiles for insurance customers.

Segmentation & Targeting for Marketing.

Map the right channel, with the right content, to the right customer segment, to maximize conversions and optimize marketing spends.

Cross-sell/upsell Products.

Drive cross-sell/upsells via personalized offers, recommendations, home page/app landing pages.

Personalized Offers

Renewal communications and offers customized for every individual customer for greater retention.

Smooth Onboarding Process

Faster and friction-free onboarding process for improved conversion timelines.

Prediction & Optimization

Use insurance industry specific data signals and domain expertise to build prescriptive & predictive analytics models.

Propensity to claim or churn

Predict the likelihood of individual customers as well as cohort level claim or churn, taking into account historical data & real-time signals.

Lead and Opportunity Scoring

Predict the likelihood of leads converting and assign opportunity scores to customize messaging.

Prescriptive Learning & Development

Provide customized learning recommendations to sales agents based on their profiles and sales performance to maximize sales efficiencies and commissions.

Workflow Automation

Handle large volumes of documents, automate workflows for greater STP & save costs.

Underwriting & Risk Assessment Automation

Provide customized learning recommendations to sales agents based on their profiles and sales performance to maximize sales efficiencies and commissions.

Claims Validation

Extract, match and validate information between policy documents, eligibility, claims forms, and proof of claims to speed up processing and qualify against business guidelines

STP for Customer & Policy onboarding

Bypass time-consuming and error-prone manual steps in the customer onboarding process through document classification, extraction and validation.

KYC Document Processing

Process multiple documents for KYC and handle 2/3/n-way matching, for user approval, with minimum HITL.

Customer Communication Management

Extract and classify customer communication sent via different channels to understand customer sentiment and timely action required from the team.

STP: Straight Through Productivity



increase in insurance sales efficiency through personalized learning


Increase in customer retention, through user journeys


Reduction in costs through Intelligent Document Processing

Multiple models to solve herculean problems

Day 30: Pilot Go Live
Day 60: ROI Proof
Day 90: Scale

White-glove service to address even your pet peeves

Scale the platform whichever way you want

Your success, our promise


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