Uncomplicate life. Undo your data woes.

Take all the broken pieces and put them together, once and for all

Help your data teams breathe with's Data Hub

Is your data stuck in silos across 100 vendors & 300 systems?
Not able to manage across warehouses? 
Our single dynamic system works across vendors, onboards, enriches, organizes data over time reducing the complexity your teams have to deal with 

Your own living, growing, dynamic data 360 system

All your data
in a single platform

Using out-of-the-box connectors, onboard data from any source, in any format, transform, centralize, store and use in MLops & Analytics.

Harness Data
quality & maintain integrity

Bad data results in approx 13M dollars loss for organizations. enables you to preserve data integrate, manage data quality and enrich data throughout it’s journey across our platform.

Custom connectors

Don’t see your connector to onboard. Fret not, build, test and deploy your own custom connector in a few quick steps.

Best in class performance
with schema-less data stores

A schemaless platform that allows for easy ingestion, fluid mutation & use-case expansion without expensive re-engineering or migration efforts.

Low-code custom model building
one-shot deployment

Build and train your own model by authoring workflows, using’s simple drag & drop interface and one click deployment.

Data privacy & governance
with AI

Platform built with security & privacy as one of it’s core tenet, protects your data throughout it’s journey across the platform and enables easy governance to data access.

Enrich & Uncomplicate your data stack

The best Data Hub for your organization

Connect & Explore

Establish connection to any data source to create a dataset/catalog.

View, Analyse & Manage your data.

Easily connect to over 200 data sources for seamless data onboarding or deployment

No code interface to establish a connection to any source or destination, define schema to read & write data.

Explore, Analyse your data

Dataset exploration & analysis using predefined dashboards or 3rd party integrations.

Easily mutable schema-less data stores

A platform that enables you to progressively onboard & enrich your data from any data source, irrespective of the schema in source.

Unify & Transform data sources

Join data from different source, create custom transformation, automate the process via guided forms or workflow builder

Manage quality of enriched data

Effortlessly review & provide feedback against generated data.


Use preset or build your custom classification model to predict data from image or text

Data models and Taxonomies for your specific requirements

Create & configure custom taxonomy for all your data model building

One-click model deployment

Configure & Deploy model to environment in just a single click

Intelligent model re-training Manage quality of enriched data

Auto model re-training based on the feedback provided, to incrementally boost model performance & deliver better results.

No-code data classification & enrichment

Simplified user interfaces, which enables automatic classification of image & text data.

Low code custom model building

Build & train your own model using workflows & configuring nodes

Model Performance Accuracy Dashboard & Analytics

Monitor, analyse & gain insights into the performance accuracy of data models.

Account Admin

Manage your account, user permission & data privacy

Access control to manage user access

Assign predefined roles or define your own permissions, roles to provide access to your users, to your data.

Account Management made easy

One location to manage your billing, subscription, resources.

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