AI in Finance

Enterprise AI for Financial Services

Automate customer onboarding, dynamic product personalization, asset management,
and loan processing, all while building a best-in-class Data 360 for your organization.

Embraced by iconic enterprises around the world

Make Your Data Make You Money!

Unify your data, go-live with AI applications in 30 days. Break the cycle of long
drawn out multi-partner integrations

Personalization for Finance

Understand where your customers are, what and how they purchase, every step of the way. Power personalized search and experiences for every individual customer.

Data Unification

Customer 360’s can’t stagnate between 180 and 270. Democratize data. Increment insights by blending in third-party behavioral data with CDP’s. Automate decisioning by connecting repositories to org-wide MarTech systems.

Intelligent Automation

Automate to recommend best-fit products, optimize sales and service. Analyze transactions in real-time, monitor risk. Apply data verification and review of legal documents, extracting key data and information. Hustle minus the hassle.

The Path To Business Success

Data 360

Industry specific data models that build clean, structured data that powers all your applications.

Converging Data models across retail, SMB, corporate & funds.

Enriching entity relationships and associations between these entities, while maintaining regulatory and compliance standards

Customer Experience & Personalization

Enrich, visualize & segment customer and transaction data to build real-time Customer 360 profiles.

Segmentation & Targeting for Marketing

Map the right channel, with the right content, to the right customer segment, to maximize conversions, and optimize marketing spends.

Cross-sell/upsell Products

Drive cross-sell/upsells via personalized offers, recommendations, home page/app landing pages.

Forecasting, Prediction & Optimization

Use industry specific data signals and domain expertise to build prescriptive & predictive analytics models.

Churn Prediction

Predict the likelihood of individual customers as well as cohort level churn, taking into account historical data & real-time signals.

Delinquency Optimization

NPA and past due management, prediction of potential NPAs, collection and settlement for chronic bad contracts.

Risk Forecasting & Mitigation

Forecast high risk vs low risk cohorts, thus enabling sales & servicing teams to implement the right retention levers for the right users.

Automation & Document Processing

Handle large volumes of documents, automate workflows for greater STP & save costs.

Document onboarding automation

Digitize your documents from source to storage - Classification, extraction, correction, validation, and STP across customers, loans, deposits, mortgages, etc.

Loans origination STP

Automate the loan onboarding process end to end including customer data and document collection, classification and validation, risk profile definition, and dynamic product recommendation

Customer KYC Automation

Aggregate customer documentation (POI, POA, Financial statements, etc) and validate across documents and external agencies for sufficiency and risk.

The Enterprise AI Stack for Financial Services



Increase in customer retention through personalization


Reduction in cost through AI document processing


Decrease in bounce rate through automated onboarding

Multiple models to solve herculean problems

Day 30: Pilot Go Live
Day 60: ROI Proof
Day 90: Scale

White-glove service to address even your pet peeves

Scale the platform whichever way you want

Your success, our promise


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