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eCommerce trends in 2021
5 eCommerce trends that will dominate retail in 2021
The pandemic has ensured that eCommerce, and eCommerce trends that will shape brand investments, will be the greatest priority...
Dr Brandt Skincare
3 Ways Dr. Brandt Has Stayed Ahead Of The Curve
Did you know? By 2024, the predicted global spend in the skincare industry would amount to $180 billion. Today’s...
Black Friday 2020 - 10 Best Sites To Shop
Black Friday 2020: The 10 Best eCommerce Sites To Shop From This Year
Black Friday 2020 is filled with fantastic markdowns you don’t want to miss. And in the wake of the...
ecommerce challenges blog
10 Biggest Ecommerce Challenges In 2020
Remember when the Titanic was sinking and the band continued to play? Well, retailers in 2020 are the band!...
Beauty Industry Personalisation
Here’s Why The Beauty Industry Needs Personalization
Historically, the beauty industry has weathered through economic recessions relatively unfazed, experiencing only a gentle fall of 0.8% at...
Kendra Scott
Here’s Why We Love Shopping From The Kendra Scott Website
It’s been a long year. But good things are coming – like the holiday season! The pandemic has been...
The Vue Podcast: Leaders in Retail |Julian Artopé
The Vue Podcast: Leaders in Retail | Julian Artopé
Did you know that the cosmetic dentistry market is expected to grow from $21.9 billion in 2020 to $30.1...
The Making of VueX
The Making of VueX
Back in 2016 when was launched, not many retailers had heard of AI-based personalization. Even retailers like Starbucks...