Accelerated user onboarding & pre-assessment for an Asia-based D2C smile transformation brand

Learn how the customer saw a reduction in user churn alongside a significant increase in accuracy of user onboarding.

The big picture


Accuracy in user qualification


Reduction in overall resubmission rate


Reduction in user bounce rate

The global dental industry is undergoing a technology driven transformation where players looking to empower their users by leveraging best-in-class technology and artificial intelligence. By investing strategically in their products and through tech interception along their business value chain, dental providers are going digital-first, with the aim to add value to their users and to redefine the dental healthcare experience.

The customer’s mission is to help users achieve a happy, confident and radiant smile that is affordable. By harnessing the power of 3D printing and thermoforming technology, their teeth aligners are the solution to straighten teeth and a healthier bite.

The need

A new user would need to log in to the customer’s site or app to take a photo of their teeth, in order to get started. Users had to wait up to 24 hours to get feedback from dentists on whether they had taken the photo correctly and whether they were eligible for treatment.

The long waiting time resulted in a high drop off rate within the session and multiple lost opportunities due to the waiting time, just to get images validated. With the challenge to deliver faster user onboarding and to reduce user bounce rate
at that stage, the key goals identified for the intervention were:

Reduction of user bounce rate during the image upload and qualification process, in the user onboarding workflow

Reduction of the existing user onboarding resubmission rate i.e. based on the image qualification and approval, how often do users need to re-submit images for pre-assessment

The team worked closely with with the customer to understand which mission critical challenges they were looking to solve, and thus aligned on key goals to be achieved.


The AI-powered workflow ensures higher user engagement, lesser bounce from the onboarding process and
faster conversion from onboarding to pre-assessment, and further to diagnosis and treatment. Integrating's AI-powered image recognition capabilities into the customer’s onboarding workflow would enable:

Instant feedback for the user on whether the image uploaded was accepted or rejected, based on predetermined guidelines built into the image qualification. Faster movement of the user to the pre-assessment phase, based on evaluation from the image, to determine whether they are eligible for treatment.

Dentists to assess, diagnose and treat eligible users, thus leveraging their time better. Instant feedback for the user on whether the image uploaded was accepted or rejected, based on predetermined guidelines built into the image qualification.

Key takeaways

By intercepting the user onboarding workflow, was able to significantly increase user engagement. The accuracy in user qualification enabled them to move to pre-assessment faster, and the instant feedback ensured a reduction in user churn.

  • 97% accuracy in detecting user qualification based on AI assessment of images uploaded.
  • 90% accuracy where the AI rejected the image, however user was allowed to submit to better the overall user experience.
  • 50% reduction in overall resubmission of images by the user.
  • 75% reduction in users leaving the onboarding workflow without completing the process.