Mine your company’s real gold

Unlock growth with the most powerful customer profiles you’ve ever seen

Build the Best Marketing Engine
with's Customer Hub

Stuck with legacy and silo’d sources of customer data and touchpoints? Time to get ahead of your competition
with real-time, continuously enriched, dynamic customer data systems powered by AI

Dedicated AI agents
for each of your consumers

The world's best real-time contextual search.
A single source of truth, powerful contextual search across relevant data, millions of AI models watching what each customer is doing, serving up just the right things for the right consumers at the right time - all on a platter.

The best customer profiles
Unified and enriched

Find gold at the intersection of data: campaign, marketing, customer. will auto-enrich data, rich customer profiles based on each customer’s interactions & affinities across channels/medium.

Rookies: Clunky Personalization tools
Experts: AI & Data

Upgrade your merchandizing, personalization tools Better offers, campaigns & experiences. Enriched customer, product & marketing data. Spoil your customers with the best experiences.

Best-in-class Audience Targeting
with hyper-parameter tuning

Refine audiences at a never before granular level with hyper-parameter tuning to better target customers.
Coming Soon

Let AI show you the winning hand

Advanced experiments

Optimize performance, effortlessly by configuring experiments to automatically use the winning variation. All with no-code.

Advanced Analytics
for the best decisions at AI speed

Focus on outcomes that move the needle. Apply advanced analytics across audiences, personalization, model performance, across channels, in near real-time so your data is working for you, even when you’re not looking.

The richest Customer Profiles you have ever built's Customer Hub powers use cases for the world's best marketing and business teams.


Tailor content for your customers that fits them like a glove. Give them what they want, before they ask for it.

Dynamic 1:1 Personalization

Goodbye static/cookie-cutter experience; hello to experiences that evolve 1:1 in real-time with every customer interaction across your touchpoints. Personalize recommendations, search, journey & more....

Dynamic Curation & bundles at scale

Leverage models to automatically curate bundles & outfits for any scenario

Tailor campaign layout & design

Low-code tool. Design and execute workflows to transform data, build models and deploy them.

Serve custom tailored campaigns

Feeling a new look? Want to schedule your upcoming campaigns or target a specific audience? Design custom layouts, target audience, schedule campaign.

Take control of the AI

No matter what, you will always be in control. Tweak parameters, set scores and define business rules that match your goals and priorities.


Targeted, tailored experiences for higher conversions, powered by integrating all data (zero, first and third party).

Customer 360 - Harness the potential of customer data

Get 360 degree view of every customer with micro profiles that unifies data from web, app, POS, contact centers. Like the DJ who mixes up insights to make the data sing.

Segment using behavioural, demographic, psychographic or any custom parameter

Discover & understand your target audience with our versatile segmentation options and use in 1:1 personalization

Enhance Audience with smart parameter tweaking

Refine segmentation at a never before granular level by creating & hypertuning custom parameters

Identify and engage with anonymous visitors

Around 90% of visits on digital platforms are anonymous. enables you to segment, target & personalise these anonymous visitors.

Coming Soon
  • Automatically segment visitors- Automate audience creation using predefined segmentation models or build your own models, to unlock new personalization opportunities

Experience Orchestration

Increase your LTV. Grow your customer loyalty with a wide range of advanced analytics & experimentation toolkit

Unlock Optimization with Multi-variate Testing

Experimentation made easy. Effortlessly test between multiple variations at scale. Test different content types, Target any audience at once.

Welcome to our Inspiration Center

Starting from scratch? - Don't let your journey be a sequel to 'Lost in the Woods.' Get started with our range of articles and case study templates, and make your story epic.

Build better recommendations with our model builder

Ditch the rule book! Design workflows that best fits your need without feeling limited by options. Use our canvas to sculpt experiences that build connections, not just deals

Coming Soon
  • Advanced targeting & trigger options - more ways to target audience, display campaigns
  • Not just customer experience, now Curate customer journeys - now curate the entire journey any customer takes across your platform

Marketing Analytics

Gain insight into visitors, campaigns, recommendation models performance across platforms, channels.

Optimize the ROI of each touchpoint with our native performance dashboards

Get ready to turn data into gold with actionable insights - don’t get bogged down by just a bunch of KPIs. dashboards provide detailed breakdown of recommendation models & campaigns performance.

Maximize customer targeting with the power of audience metrics

Compare visitors across different audiences via overlap details and audience metrics

360-degree analysis of your customer & campaign performance within Vue

Access site-wide, campaign specific, customer metrics for your entire platform across channels.

Improve performance with experimentation metrics

Leverage data from experiments to drive maximum results in recommendation models & campaigns.

Customer Hub for Developers & ML Engineers


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