Data Cleanup & Organization

Do away with your ugly data problem

Turn the data into a goldmine of insights. Extract, clean, and standardize business data at scale, using's ML models. Let AI do the heavy lifting!

Where Data Cleanliness is next to Godliness

Dirty data. Personal biases. Manual errors

Make messy data look sharp. Save millions.’s NLP and
Computer Vision systems turn text, images, and videos into gold.

The Ultimate Data Spa

Where your data gets pampered and polished.

High-quality data. Zero fuss.

Easy data extraction, enhancement & organization using AI.

Rich, clean data foundation systems processes and analyzes data from diverse sources, including text, images, and text within images, leveraging the power of both computer vision and NLP.

Organized data

The platform is a data powerhouse. It can process massive amounts of data, enrich, classify, standardize, and make it dance to the tunes of your business for unbeatable results.

Data dynamo. Beyond perfect.

Refines, chooses, and fills in data gaps for flawlessness.

Refine Data

Say no to scattered data. This is your one-stop-shop for all customer data.

Performance Insights

The puzzle solver for data. can fill in missing and inconsistent data with substitute values taken from alternate sources or through predictive means.

Eliminate the Noise

Data's personal trainer. clears the noise and retains the most relevant parts of your data for your needs.

Ever-improving AI.

This AI learns & perfects data extraction all day, every day.

Customizable ML Models

A brain with 1000s of in-built ML models generated by the businesses and

Continuous Learning

The learning never stops! The engine constantly learns from QA, crafts custom attributes, and much more. It's like having a data genius right on your team.

Data + AI = Endless Possibilities

Don’t leave your data stranded. Make the most out of it.

Speed up content organization with rich metadata. Tailor the data organization system to fit your business needs

Build rich & enhanced datasets and create robust data catalogs that are organizable for queries and allow team members to easily adapt it for their usage.

Automate the process of monitoring and removing images or texts that are inappropriate or of poor quality.

Spot flaws in images, videos, and texts and correct them with precision. 

Use AI for business intelligence with models that help gain insight and possible predictions from data.

Empower different teams with enriched data to build their own different ML models for a variety of business applications.

Why Vue for Data Cleaning & Organization


time saved per person per week


reduced time in data cleansing processes


increase in conversion rate with enriched data

In-Depth Data

Multi-Source Compatibility

Continuous Learning Support


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Build Your Own Point of Vue

Vue Powered: How Diesel built custom tags with, and walked away with glory

At Diesel, catalog teams utilised precious hours into creating customised attributes by hand, causing untimely market delays.

  • The deal breaker:
  1.'s product tagging solution creates custom taxonomies and trains networks for precise custom tags
  2. The advanced system understands text and images, making tagging seamless by identifying product attributes.
  3. simplified the overall product tagging workflow to make it more scalable for Diesel.

Vue Powered: How a dental center bit more than it could chew and tasted success

Patients lose patience when the doctor’s office repeatedly returns dental selfies. Reason: Unfit for pre-assessment. Could we automate the image assessment and acceptance?

  • The use-case:
  1. rapidly and accurately reviewed patients’ oral images the first time, reducing the drilling and filling. The result
  2. Faster onboarding of patients
  3. Reduced bounce rate
  4. Ever smiling users