AI Lead Generation

AI-Powered Lead Generation

Maximize lead generation and conversion through data-driven decision-making for campaign management and personalized lead targeting

AI Lead Generation

AI-Enabled Lead Generation & Customer Acquisition

Deploy and measure the impact of AI across your user journey

AI-Enabled Lead Generation & Customer Acquisition


Widen the top of the lead funnel

  • Which channels to market, who to market to and what content to market
  • Prescriptive inputs on campaign marketing for better targeting
  • Optimizing ad spend, increasing traffic to the website


Customize user journeys

  • Real-time personalization of landing page banners, messaging & more based on user interests and relevance
  • Optimize user’s journey based on the performance of CTAs, click events and time spent


Increase number of leads converting within the funnel

  • Track checkpoints in the sales process like form fills and signups
  • Score leads, prioritize sales teams’ bandwidth on leads with high potential for conversion

Personalization Across the Customer Life Cycle

Building Customer Loyalty & Retention Using AI

Personalization Across the Customer Life Cycle

Know Your Customers

Build every customer’s unique profile, right from the lead and booking stage. Take into account various transactional & behavioral signals, across channels and touchpoints, to build a robust real-time profile, which can feed into downstream processes.

Segmentation & Targeting

Use customer profiling to segment users and target them with the relevant messaging, visual designs and details which will deliver higher engagement. Convert them through targeted campaigns and content, and continue to engage with existing customers.

Personalized Campaigns & Promotions

Optimize marketing campaigns by personalizing landing pages and specific promotions, in real time, by taking into account user signals such as campaign source, channel, user interests, demographics, geography, and behavioral signals like time spent on page, clicks on webpage & more.

Personalized Customer Experience

Personalize the experience across the customer’s life cycle. Customer experience and word-of-mouth marketing are big indicators of any brand’s footprint and identity and this can be impacted by delivering 1:1 personalization, every step of the way.

What your marketing stack does not tell you
and how adds that value

Slice and dice the performance metrics based on the content. Tie performance to the parameters set up for campaigns. Reconciliation of the data across channels continues to be a challenge for marketers - and the stack solves for this and more!

AI-Powered Lead Generation

All digital marketing campaigns (google ads, social channels, website-based targeting like quora, retargeting & more) stitched together in one dashboard, to serve as the single source of truth for your marketing teams.