Security Baked
into the Platform

Over 150 enterprises across the globe trust us with their data being processed by our products. We back ourselves up with robust data security and privacy practices that are integral to our product engineering and delivery principles.

Behind the dashboard

As stewards of customer data, Mad Street Den operates on a multi-layered security framework, ensuring steadfast product delivery and a resilient platform stand as the cornerstones of our commitment.

Data Protection

We recognize the significance of data integrity. Through our comprehensive data protection infrastructure we empower you to concentrate on your data's core value, assured of its security. We use various tools and technologies including AWS Security Center, and Google DLP to provide end-to-end security for our infrastructure.

Virtual Private Cloud

Deployed within dedicated VPCs operating in a non-promiscuous mode, further segmented to enhance both security and operational control.

Perimeter Security

Routing protocols are fortified according to predefined criteria, ensuring secure and authorized transactions across all resources.

Access Controls

Through IAM, role-based access is implemented, ensuring segregation of duties, two-factor authentication, and comprehensive audit trails, all tailored to maintain the security context.


When data is at rest, it is secured using AES 256-bit encryption, while data in transit is safeguarded through HTTPS employing TLS 1.2 encryption.

Management Plane

Connectivity to managed services/resources is restricted to happen securely only via Bastion Host

Malware & Spam Protection

Utilizing the most recent threat signatures, we implement malware and spam protection, bolstered by real-time scanning and security measures.

Secure Product & Platform Build

Information security and data privacy standards are integrated into each release cycle, forming integral components of the products and the platform’s foundational design considerations.

Product Roadmapping

The Product Owner periodically defines and evaluates the Product roadmap. Security enhancements are given precedence and consolidated into the earliest feasible sprint.

DevOps Squad

Our DevOps sprints are driven by a diverse Squad comprising members such as a Product Owner, Squad Lead, and Quality Assurance specialist.

Code Review

The Quality Assurance team thoroughly tests all changes, and specific criteria are defined for conducting code reviews, web vulnerability assessments, and advanced security tests.

Quality Assurance

Before a build receives the 'Good to go'
certification, it undergoes rigorous tests for functionality, performance, stability, and user experience.

Version Control

The Source Code is centrally managed using version controls, with access permissions tailored for teams assigned to distinct sprints. Comprehensive records are kept for code modifications and check-in/check-out activities.

Segregation of Duties

Access to the production environment is strictly limited to users according to their designated roles. Both developers and Quality Assurance team members have access tailored to their specific job functions.

Blue-Green Deployment

We employ a blue-green deployment strategy in the production environment, ensuring seamless implementation of upgrades.

Resilient Architecture

The platform architecture is built with resiliency to ensure the high availability of our products and our platform.

Component Redundancy

All components are deployed in an 'n+1' configuration across multiple availability zones, and supported by a load balancing service.

Highly Scalable DNS

Direct users to the optimal endpoint, taking into account factors such as geo-proximity, latency, and overall health.

Platform Load Balancing

Automated routing of application traffic across diverse availability zones, ensuring high availability, dynamic scaling, and enhanced security measures

Data Backup

Nearly instantaneous backups are stored in separate AWS Availability Zones, with Cloud Snapshots captured daily and preserved for a rolling seven-day period.

Cross Geo Redundancy

Several Availability Zones are established to cater to customers in real-time, ensuring uninterrupted disaster recovery capabilities.

Incident & Breach Management

Protocols are set in place for promptly reporting, tracking, investigating, and resolving incidents.

Content Distribution Network

A geographically dispersed network comprising proxy servers and associated data centers, designed to spatially align services with end-users, ensuring both high availability and optimal performance.

Security Operation

Continuous 24x7 monitoring ensures vigilance and awareness, swiftly detecting, containing, and addressing potential or actual security incidents. Tactical rules and data sensors are set up to deliver timely alerts and warnings.

Capacity Management

Continuous capacity monitoring is conducted using conservative thresholds, coupled with the ability for on-demand capacity expansion through our adaptable hosting partners.