Unstructured Data
meets Automated

Classify, extract to pre & post processing data, and build simple workflows for complex tasks.
Scratch that. does it for you.
Promote yourself from tabulating, collating, and reviewing to deciding.

intelligent document processing

Fire misfit RPA tools. Tame unruly data.

Your tasks nudge you once the mundane is done. Reviews flow as smoothly as your cherished tea. Experience's intelligent document processing.

intelligent document processing Flow

Automation is on, hop on.

Let automation rule
the roost.

Hand over the mundane to automation and watch team’s efficiency skyrocket.

80:20 :: Automation : HITL

Truly automated engine. Humans can focus more on strategic, less on the mundane. Loop humans for expert-level interaction.

Insightful Engine

Ask questions for instant doc summaries and insights.
Break down complex processing tasks with AI.

Customize Automation Rules

Enable rules for complex processes.
Setup workflows and embrace the power of automation.

Reduce TAT & Costs

To Elevate skilled workers. unlock greater business value. Quick training & lower costs. Win-win.

Tackle data like a pro.

Process any data type in an automated environment, leave manual work behind.

Clean Data Foundation

Ingest, process, extract and enrich data to see around the corner. No blindspots.

Compliance & Security

Lock down compliance and info control in your data game.
Strengthen your data flows.

Contextual Search

Intelligent Models: Instant Context, Any Language.
Intuitively responsive to context shifts.

Go Straight-Through-

AI learns. AI does. AI scales.


Work with complex document types easily.
Slide through document versions like a pro.

Predictive Analytics

High-level insights. More visual more power.
Big Choices, Breezy Decisions.

Validation & Feedback Loop

Models learn and predict, leaving no bar for errors.
Intelligent bots take over sloppy work.

Turbocharged Growth- Scalability

Don't let your system get left in the dust – gears up and roars louder as your business grows!

Seamless end-to-end
workflows – nailed it!

From start to finish, we've cracked the code to smooth-sailing workflows.

Extensibility to Use-cases

Use’s IDP capabilities for any use case across industries.

No Code, No Load

Paint on your code-free canvas and craft workflows.
As easy peasy as drag & drop.

Work Flows Your Way

Seamless drag & drop. Elevate your CX
360° View: See every piece in motion.

Integration Ease

Seamless integrations for top platforms (RPA, ERP, CRM).
Flexible deployment for sensitive data.

Document Processing: Simplify the complex

Leverage’s Intelligent Document Processing to automate workflows across industries

Invoice process automation

Extract line items from an invoice for a 2-way or 3-way match against a PO and a GRN.’s Intelligent Document Processing makes sure payments are on point and reviews are smooth sailing.

claims processing automation

Speed up claims form processing and ensure
they align with business guidelines by extracting and cross-matching essential details.

laon processing automation

Automate loan processing by extracting information from applications, qualifying applicants through multi-way matching, and reconciling data.

healthcare automation

Extract information from healthcare records to build
real-time user profiles and match healthcare professionals for roles to optimize staffing.

logistic automation

Handle document-intensive logistics workflows like goods received and proof of delivery with's capability to manage unstructured/handwritten text and varied document formats.

resume parsing automation

Process online resumes and profiles with intelligent data extraction to increase efficiency in screening and qualification by recruiters.



Reduction in cost through intelligent document processing


Faster go-live through process automation


Reduced time in data organization processes


Accuracy in extraction, enabling faster document processing


Validation & Feedback loop

No-code/ low-code


80:20 :: Automated: HITL

Extensibility to multiple use cases

The partnership with has been instrumental in Dubai CommerCity’s digital transformation.
The intelligent document processing solution has significantly enhanced customer experience for us.

Arjun Sarkar

Senior Director, Digital Solutions


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Build Your Own Point of Vue

Financial & insurance services powerhouse processed 150,000 KYC documents in 3 weeks

Months of manual workload done in a few weeks - classified, cropped and accepted by the workflow.

  • The impact of adopting’s IDP Platform:
  1. 80% Manual Effort Reduction
  2. 5x Higher Productivity
  3. 100% Coverage
  4. 98% Accuracy