Image and Video Recognition solutions for the entire Retail value chain

VueCommerce THE AI STYLIST Give your customers a bespoke experience with an AI powered personal stylist - curate the look and style for each shopper. From clicking a picture and finding a match to buying visually similar products to generating ensembles - we’ve got it covered! Learn more   >
VueMail THE AI STORYTELLER Never miss a chance to tell a great story with products that are handpicked for each shopper. Follow them right to their inbox to engage, retain, and recover. Learn more   >
VueSocial THE AI INFLUENCER Maximize engagement, and monetize your content across all your social media channels. Easily provide context to all your imagery to simplify product discovery, and to make social your highest revenue generator. Learn more   >
VueOps THE AI OPS Optimize your supply chain and operations with Computer Vision and Machine Learning algorithms. Minimize human intervention while reducing human error. Learn more   >
VueTag THE AI HOUSEKEEPING The simplest and fastest way to manage large inventories. Identify visual attributes of your products like colors, patterns, shapes, styles, and more, to make your catalog data consistent. The only housekeeping assistant your merchandisers will ever need! Learn more   >
VueForecast THE AI QUANTS Get detailed reports and actionable insights to measure your store-wide performance, and to continuously optimize. Delve into customer behavior with predictive analytics to make the most of your marketing and merchandising spend. Learn more   >

What makes unique

Auto tagging Brown leather jacket Grey button-up shirt Ultra skinny jeans Knee length boots, dark tan
Visual intelligence 20,000 Visual Vectors. High dimensional Visual map
User history & behaviour Price sensitivity. Brand Affinity Product preferences.
Cohort Behaviour
NLP based intelligence Metadata extraction . Classifiers . Semantic relationships Try this racer-inspired moto jacket crafted from glossy lambskin leather. Pair it with skinny jeans or a dress for perfect look.

Tailored AI For You

Algorithms designed/customized to optimize specific business KPIs relevant to your brand, your business model, and objectives
Wide range of products that deeply integrate into all aspects of your products, including website, app, store, team dashboards, and more
No cold starts. Personalization & value creation from the get-go.
Retail loves
Ankiti Bose, CEO & Co-founder Zilingo It's not like we need an army of merchandisers and marketers—it's all happening using their AI platform. The same technology helps us automatically tag photos on the seller side into certain categories and give it certain attributes which makes the user experience better.
Yashika Punjabee, Co-founder The Label Life With, it’s like the friend, and in our in our case one of our style editors - who goes shopping with you, because she understands what you like, and recommends products that you’d like, as well as full ensembles that would look great on you. Only that it does it for thousands of shoppers simultaneously, in real-time.
Shobhit Datta, Co-founder Hipvan While we had looked at a lot of technology solutions for customer experience in the past, our biggest challenge was the fact that most of these solutions were “rule based”. doesn’t just take historical data around buying behavior but also the visual preferences of each shopper on the site.

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