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Vue.ai® is an end-to-end retail automation platform that is redesigning the future of fashion retail with Artificial Intelligence. Using Image Recognition and Data Science - we extract catalog data, analyze it with user behavior and help your marketing, product and cataloging teams get actionable insights that improve customer experiences, drive conversions and reduce costs. We help you digitally map your products' DNA to create one-of-a-kind retail experiences for your customers and translate product information into the language that your teams can understand and make business decisions with.

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Vue.ai® is the inference engine for the retail industry. With our AI, retail teams across the globe have access to a central brain that extracts critical data from products and customer behavior. Retail teams can automate key functions and deliver personalized experiences to each shopper, increasing RoI on every function in the organization. With Vue.ai®, you put the power of AI in the hands of every team member across merchandising, buying, styling, cataloging, marketing and more. Make AI a part of your retail DNA.

Neural Networks

Our automated product tagging and digitization products help save 10x in time and cost, while simultaneously making online product discovery and search, seamless and effective. Our cross channel personalization suite together with our AI stylist creates conversion, cross-sell and retargeting opportunities with an average revenue lift of 6% and repeat visit rate increase of 35%, while decreasing retention costs and increasing customer LTV.


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"Vue.ai’s tags have given us the exact level of granularity we need on our ecommerce platform. Our merchandisers and buyers have a lot of manual work while labelling products. They’re also fixing data inconsistencies we receive from our external vendors, an expensive and time consuming process. With an automated catalog management tool like VueTag, we efficiently tag products, provide better product discovery for our shoppers, and speeden our go-to-market strategy"

- A Leading North American Retailer

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With the AI based Model Generator, everything changes. No more fashion photography at the same scale or costs incurred from the same.

Costa Colbert, Chief Scientist at Vue.ai®, from GTC at NVIDIA.

Out of the Subscription box: Designing new retail experiences with AI

Not only are you telling someone they can wear a shirt five ways, you’re showing them three ways to wear it specific to [their personality and style]. You can do things on a scale impossible for a stylist, with a visual style based AI powered solution. The stylist then becomes someone who’s setting the bigger tone [and] saying whether it’s right or wrong. - Ashwini Asokan, CEO of Vue.ai®, in Forbes AI

Artificial Intelligence can say yes to the dress

The AI can generate a human figure, then predict how the garment would fit. Since there is no real-life model, the AI can generate any kind of body or skin type. This isn’t a death knell for high fashion photography or artistic cover shoots, but the days of a headless model photographed against a white background will soon be over. - VueModel featured in Quartz.

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