The big picture

The resale marketplace is seeing tremendous growth from a wave of shoppers looking at sustainable, conscious shopping as the future of shopping. Going green for these generations of shoppers, however, does not mean compromising on their shopper experience.

This resale customer’s USP is built around building a community of individuals invested in the idea of creating a sustainable wardrobe. They wanted to scale their customer to customer model to benefit the shoppers while improving engagement and retention.

To help them build on the trust they maintain with their shoppers and to deliver shopper experiences for every individual on the site the customer turned to’s AI-powered recommendations and solutions helped the customer create an end-to-end personalized shopping experience.

Through this sustained partnership,data-backed recommendation strategies have been tested and implemented to understand what works for this business. The customer has seen an 11% improvement in revenue rate from personalization modules - with the most recent module implementation.

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The problem

A dedicated and single-minded focus on building a sustainable means of shopping for the Latin American region has enabled the customer to craft a marketplace that is today one of the biggest resale marketplaces in the region. An innovative business model that focuses on the customer to customer service, the marketplace was looking to build efficiency into its operations while scaling upon customer experience and retention.

They wanted to invest in solutions to help their users find products they’d like more easily and help users look at resale as a viable alternative. They were looking for solutions that

  1. understood the nature of the resale marketplace, i.e., every piece of inventory is unique and identifying similarity at the attribute level is critical
  2. Would provide recommendations on-site and off-site to keep shoppers engaged and improve retention
  3. worked for every shopper on the site, and understood the intent, preference, and style profiles
  4. would adjust in real-time to shopper interests, surface the most appropriate product, and enable product discovery

And ticked every box.

The Solution

Personalization recommendations across the site to have frequent touchpoints with the shopper

Shoppers want variety while shopping, but the variety also needs to be in line with their intent, preferences, and style profile. When there are too many irrelevant product selections offered as recommendations, shoppers are more likely to abandon the site without a purchase. To avoid this scenario, the customer implemented recommendations across the site.

Shoppers coming to a resale site want to discover products without being taken on irrelevant rabbit trails that bear no resemblance to their intent or style.’s personalized recommendations across the site helped shoppers see products that matched their preferences - and, more importantly, showed products that had a higher likelihood of reaching their needs.

Within a month of implementing strategies, the customer saw a 1.5x increase in product page views and a 2x increase in cart additions. Visitors with > 5 clicks on’s recommendations also had a

compared to visitors with no clicks on’s recommendations.

Resale marketplace

Personalization that starts at the home page to d keep shoppers hooked right from the first page.

Shoppers want familiarity and a sense of belonging when they shop. They want to log on to a site and be greeted by products they would gravitate towards immediately. To provide shoppers with a friendlier start and personalization that begins from the beginning, the customer worked with to experiment with and implement solutions for the home page.’s data showed that users engaging with home page modules convert 16x better, and the trending products module on the home page improves user longevity. This led to the strategic placement of trending products module on the page and the addition of a recently viewed module that helped users jump into their more recent shopper journeys.

Category page personalization to boost product discovery and keep shoppers engaged

Shoppers often turn to category listing pages to discover products. Listing pages are said to generate as much as 60% of a site’s traffic. But the process of clicking through filters, products, and pages can be time-consuming and frustrating. The customer wanted to ease this process and decrease the time it takes for users to find products with’s category page personalization solution.

Analysis showed that 35% of all visitors tend to land on the category page, and 75% scroll to the bottom. The team provided the customers with similar products pop-up carousel and trending products to keep shoppers engaged. User attributes are mapped meticulously to product preferences based on various signals. Personalization makes this relevant to the shopper for their point in the journey.

Implementation of similar products pop-up carousel improved product discovery by up to 14% between engaged users pre and post-module implementation

Resale marketplace

Similar and cross-product recommendations on the product page to increase conversions and cart value.

The product page comes well into the shopper journey and is one of the key places to drive upsell. The customer was keen on exposing their catalog to the maximum possible degree while ensuring shoppers still found products within their style profiles. The team opted to implement pop-up recommendations that help shoppers visualize similar products, complementary products and encourages product discovery keeping the shopper interested even under conditions of product scarcity.

Similar and cross-product recommendations personalization solutions work by recognizing shopper affinities to certain attributes and displays products based on these. Shoppers can explore a variety of products in line with their style preferences. A potential increase in cart size is observed because of greater product visibility and the ability to visualize ensembles.

21% uplift in revenue contribution from product page modules

Resale marketplace

Recommendations on the cart page help increase product page views and cross-selling

Recommendations on the cart page are useful in driving upsell. Cross product recommendations ensure the shopper is given insight into as many products across as many brands as possible. The customer worked with the team to implement personalization modules to help users revisit their shopper journeys and have a complete shopping experience on-site.

Recommendations implemented here helped shoppers see product recommendations that complements what they had added to their cart, based on their Style Profiles as well as fashion rules. The pop-up recommendation carousel, added to every product on the cart page, ensures shopper remains on the page while browsing. Recommendations based on users’ both historical and real-time behavioral data keep them engaged and provide the ability to assess their cart and consider other products on the site.

60% increase in percentage of sessions with PDP views after visiting cart page

Resale marketplace

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