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Document Processing

Ditch outdated legacy systems. Embrace a new era of efficiency, accuracy and AI. Power up with AI-aided extraction, processing, matching, reconciliation & document verification. Experience real automation and efficiency.

Connect broken workflows & teams
with our Document AI

Use AI to match, reconcile, verify across workflows and connect systems and teams that are broken, duplicated and sub optimal.

No-code automation,
the smart way

No-code interface that enables everyone to train models, create workflow to process data or execute a complex job

Process more, faster.
10x automation = 100x savings

Streamline your processes with automated workflows and best-in-class STP. Process documents automatically, gain valuable insights and minimize operational overhead by reducing the need for human intervention.

Tailored document workflows
for your industry

From Day 1, process any document across a wide range of industries, types & use cases, in a few seconds

Data Governance
with AI

Protect data, maintain compliance. enables creation of compliant corporate materials & reduction of manual intervention on sensitive data.

Welcome to the Age of Automation.

KYC Onboarding Automation -

Extracting information from KYC documents and Cross Matching the information

IDs  |  Driving License  |  Passports etc.

Retail Lending Automation -

Extracting information from documents and computing results

Bank Statement | Payslips

Claims Document Onboarding Automation

Speed up claims form processing and ensure they align with business guidelines by extracting and cross-matching essential details.

Policies  |  Claim forms  |  Proof documents

Healthcare Onboarding Automation

Extract information from healthcare records to build real-time user profiles and match services & healthcare professionals accordingly.

Health Records  |  KYC documents  |  Travel Records

Resume Parsing

Process online resumes and profiles with intelligent data extraction to increase efficiency in screening and qualification by recruiters.

Staffing Documentation

Logistics Document Automation

Handle document-intensive logistics workflows like goods received and proof of delivery with's capability to manage unstructured/handwritten text and varied document formats.

BOL (Bill of lading) | POD (Proof Of delivery)

Invoice Automation -

Extracting information from Invoice and followed by 2-way and 3-way matching of relevant attributes.

Invoices |  PO |  GRN

The Best Automation Toolkit -
for your document workflows

Leave behind your grandpa's document processing. Enter a world with no more 'bot'tlenecks

Intelligent Document Processing

Automate the processing and extraction of data from large volumes of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured documents using our preset models and workflows.


Process documents in one go with no human intervention with workflow parameter tweaking

One shot learning

Not enough samples to train models? No Problem. This toolkit enables you to continuously & iterative train models with fewer samples by using feedback.

Pre-processing models

Models to cover a wide range of pre-processing operations like OCR, blur detection, Skew detection etc...

Federated Models

Federated learning is a way to train AI models without anyone seeing or touching your data, offering a way to unlock information to feed new AI applications. Where a set or multiple sets of models handle the inference operation for any given business context.

Enhanced processing with continuous model re-training

Intelligent processing system which automatically & continuously improves accuracy based on the feedback provided by you

Coming Soon

Auto-Document Insights - metrics & insights into processing and the document

Explore Documents - Post processing document search & exploration.

Workflow Builder

Presets or custom workflow, we have got you covered. Automate any process with low-code

Extensive collection of Pre-trained models for seamless document processing

Accelerate your document processing workflow effortlessly with our comprehensive selection of pre-trained ML models designed to handle various document types.

Refine how the model validates, matches & reconciles data

Configure post extraction validation, matching & reconciliation logic to standardize extracted data.

Predefined workflows for a variety of use cases

Use preset workflows & configure automation of any manual process

Enhance workflows with post-processing reviews & retraining

Provide valuable feedback on processed data & enhance results by retraining models.

Coming Soon
  • Create Custom workflows - create workflows, automate any process

  • New Document Types - train model, define taxonomy, register new document type

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