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10.2% higher Average Order Value with’s personalization solutions for rental and resale marketplaces.
How the second hand marketplace got ahead with’s personalization solutions
1.25x Higher cart size amongst luxury fashion shoppers with personalization
How personalization helped India’s luxury fashion marketplaces stand out
Impact and value of's personalization suite on a $150B online retail marketplace.
9.4% lift in overall revenue per visit with’s personalization suite.
5x higher revenue per visitor with personalization solutions
VueTrends Report: Spring Summer 2020
Understanding Home Page Personalization - A VueCommerce Marketplace Case Study
How® improved conversions for one of the largest retailers in Latin America
Understanding the impact of AI-powered Personalization on a leading ecommerce marketplace in Asia
Individualization in Retail: A VueCommerce Case Study
Accelerating Go-To Market For a North American Online Fashion Retailer
Personalized Product Listing Pages - A Market Study
Deliver a personalized journey for every shopper, real-time, with every click
A view of Fashion E-commerce from the Leaders in Retail
A look at the Top 10 Trends in Email Marketing -® Trend Study
An analysis of's text and image search capabilities
How a leading jeanswear company increased user interactions with video by 61%
How's Ensemble Generator helped a leading jeanswear brand
How email personalization helped reduce customer retention costs by 50%
How to use omnichannel personalization to cater to the style conscious shopper.
An analysis of’s products and engagement with online marketplaces
An analysis of’s products and engagement with brands
The building blocks of the® stack for retail
A behind the scenes look at how® works

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