Boost eCommerce conversions with efficient site merchandising helps retailers merchandise their products better by using AI to create high quality content and images, curate collections, provide the right recommendations for each shopper, and more.

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Convert shoppers faster by leveraging every site merchandising opportunity’s suite helps site merchandising teams make their processes efficient and boost eCommerce conversions. Retailers can create and standardize catalog text and image data with AI-powered product tagging and image moderation. Fashion businesses can use AI to create on-model product photos without resource intensive photoshoots. The AI also helps curate collections that can be added to the homepage, show shoppers personalized recommendations, sort product results, and more. uses detailed product data and behavioral data to improve product discovery for each shopper on the site uses detailed product data and behavioral data to improve product discovery for each shopper on the site uses detailed product data and behavioral data to improve product discovery for each shopper on the site

Delivering your revenue marketing goals

increase in average order value
increase in engagement
uplift in conversion rate
improvement in CTR with personalized search pages
of traditional photoshoot costs saved

Use AI to meet your site merchandising goals faster

Curate collections on the homepage
Improve navigation and filtering
Personalize search and sorting of listing pages
Automate image moderation
Generate high-quality product tags and content
Create on-model fashion photos
Provide the right recommendations for every shopper
Image of curated collections on the homepage

Create a compelling first impression on the homepage by curating collections on different themes and trends. Automate the curation with AI and save time while improving engagement and reducing bounce rates on the homepage.

Screen showing products sorted using nuanced filters

Offer better navigation and nuanced filters with AI-enriched product data. Help shoppers navigate, filter, and identify products quickly and with ease across the site.

Screen showing personalized search results for each shopper based on their preferences

Sort category, product listing and search results pages in a personalized way - leading with the products that each individual shopper would be most likely to buy.

Image showing a product being checked for certain image guidelines

Automate the quality assessment of product photos from seller catalogs to ensure they match the site’s guidelines using AI Check for basic eCommerce guidelines and train the AI for additional custom requirements.

Image of product title and description that has been built based on the extracted product tags

Build tags, titles, descriptions and other content for product detail pages using visual and textual cues derived from the product input. Enrich product metadata with domain-specific, SEO-friendly keywords to improve product discovery on search engines and within the eCommerce site.

Image showing a singular product being generated on models of different sizes and ethnicities.

Use AI to build high quality on-model product photos for the fashion catalogs - without the need for any elaborate photoshoots.

Screen showing product recommendations based on the source product that a shopper is looking at

Show shoppers personalized recommendations across the site by taking into account every individual shopper’s preferences. Helps shoppers find products they would love - even when they are not actively looking for it. tools for site merchandising

Image of the dashboard AI-Powered Personalization Platform is a single platform retailers can use to create personalized shopper journeys within and outside their site.

Dynamic 1:1 personalization

The AI ensures every single shopper sees content they love, all the time.

One platform. Everything you need.

A single platform to effortlessly build, test and optimize personalized shopper journeys.

Enhances & generates data doesn't just use data, it makes it better. The AI enhances product data and generatesrich customer profiles.

Make the AI your own

Change weightages of the algorithm, add business filters based on inventory and business goals.

AI enabled decision making

Make decisions based on high quality data. Run A/B tests, measure, optimize.

Image of the VueTag dashboard

The VueTag Dashboard

Tag retail products in real time with AI

Instant product tags & metadata

The tool generates detailed, high-quality product tags, and titles & descriptions instantly.

Review and edit tags

The tool gives you the flexibility to evaluate and modify tags for holistic QA.

Bulk edit

With the bulk edit feature you can perform quality checks for multiple images uploaded and tagged - all in one go.

Tagging dashboard

The tool provides you with an overview of the number of images tagged, tags generated and verified, and the accuracy of those tags.

Catalog assortment insights

The tool gives you a complete picture of catalog - at category, attribute, and batch levels.

Accuracy reports

The tool helps with QA by providing confidence scores and accuracy reports of tags in every batch.

The VueModel Dashboard

Create on-model fashion product photos with AI

Upload input product images in bulk

Upload all the input product images in batches, based on when you want them to be processed.

Curate your styling closet

Create a closet with individual products that you wish to use for styling.

Style your products

Have the flexibility and style products in your own way before sending it across for processing.

Review products in bulk

Review photos at scale and share feedback highlighting areas directly from the dashboard - and minimize turnaround time.

Export output images

Download selected output images or all images together with a single click of a button.

Why’s Site Merchandising Solution

Smart learning


Instant feedback iteration

feedback iteration

 AI-powered product curations

product curations

Complete catalog coverage

catalog coverage

Image search recognition

Image search

Easy integration


Chris Homer, Co-Founder & CTO

Chris Homer,

Co-Founder & CTO

"’s technology powers personalization - Customers fill out a style profile, tell us a what they like and upload moodboards from Pinterest. Then, combining’s technology plus our own stylists in the loop, we curate a box for them. Customers receive 10-12 items, try them and return what doesn’t work. It gives our customers convenience, freedom, privacy & flexibility so we found it a very powerful addition to the platform."

“Quite a robust platform”

We’re leveraging's platform to improve our product discovery process leading to a direct impact on our topline numbers. With an extremely clear, straightforward, and thorough integration process, we know exactly what it is required to do due to the predictable outcomes. The platform is helping us to deliver the growth for our revenues from engaged customers in multiples.

India’s Biggest eCommerce Marketplace

Kishore Mardikar

Kishore Mardikar,


"We worked with to introduce the recommendation component on our homepage and they are very clearly one of the positive benefits. What we found is the ability to showcase products that are closer to what the customer wants and build a bit of relevance with the customers. The recommendations component actually has given us the ability to move the traffic more towards the category pages and has improved the performance of the homepages."

"A great piece of technology"’s platform is very reliable and scalable and they always seem ready to solve every problem that you face. We had to do product image moderation manually before Now we can moderate millions of product images automatically and enrich our product data seamlessly.

hepsiburada logo

"Excellent product with easy to use UI"

We like’s AI-driven product tagging with API to integrate with any platform. The UI is simple for any business user. Very straightforward and able to customize to streamline our processes. The support team did a great job. They helped our team in implementing the solution as well as addressing any questions.

Karen Bruck

Karen Bruck,

VP Marketplace

"When it comes to product discovery on an eCommerce platform, everything from our search algorithm to our recommendations and push notifications is important. That is why we are partnering with, to really push the bar and introduce some of those world standards to our platform."

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