Grow eCommerce revenue with virtual dressing rooms’s virtual dressing room tool allows shoppers to visualize and style products on relatable models of various shapes, sizes, ethnicities in real time.

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Make your eCommerce site come alive with a virtual dressing room’s virtual dressing room tool helps retailers deliver personalized, inclusive dressing room experiences in their eCommerce stores. Shoppers can mix & match looks, and visualize how they fit on models that most resemble them.

Capabilities for personalized style visualization

GAN technology
Customizable website tool
Extensive model catalog
Real-time styling
Endless look customization
Performance analytics dashboard
On-model imagery using GAN technology

Dressing Room uses a class of Al machine learning frameworks called Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) to create realistic images of products on models.

Virtual dressing room tool

Our virtual dressing room tool can be added to the eCommerce site with the interface and model customizations set by the retailer.

Real life fashion models

The Dressing Room model library contains diverse models of different ethnicities, shapes, and sizes - giving shoppers a lot of options to pick models most similar to them.

Realtime virtual styling

The AI enables shoppers to mix and match products, curate their own outfits, and view it on models like them in real time.

Style visualization using AI

The virtual dressing room tool allows shoppers to visualize the outfit just how they’d want - whether it is tucking in a top or seeing the model in a certain pose or in front of a custom background.

Performance analytics dashboard

The tool’s dashboard allows retailers to easily find key insights like most selected models, outfit styles, engagement rate, and assisted conversion rate.

The Dressing Room Dashboard

Make informed business decisions backed by real-time shopper behaviour patterns

Virtual dressing room dashboard

Numbers at a glance

Get a quick overview of the overall usage and engagement data.

Most picked models

Understand your shoppers better by learning the models they pick the most.

Products on-demand

Make better inventory decisions by knowing which products your shoppers engage with the most.

Popular styling options

Learn how shoppers style their products and optimise your recommendations accordingly.

Easy filter options

Get season-specific analytics and filtered data with complete control over the dashboard.

With Dressing Room, you can:

Help your shoppers discover more products
Make your products come alive
Give your shoppers a personal stylist
Promote seasonal collection drops and pre-orders
Interactive virtual styling

Sell complete looks over individual pieces — encourage your shoppers to explore the breadth of your catalog with interactive styling.

Contextual styling

Display your products on relatable models — provide more context than just a few product photos and allow your shoppers to make well informed purchase decisions that are sure to convert.

Virtual outfitting

Help your shoppers engage with your products better — allow them to identify pieces that best suit their preferences.

Seasonal promotions

Deliver compelling shopping experiences on your website — make themed and promotional collection drops irresistible.

With our virtual dressing room tech, retailers have seen

Increase in conversion rate
Increase in engagement rate
Uplift in Average Order Value (AOV)

Shoppers are 3x more likely to buy products that are shown on models their size.

Why’s Dressing Room

Extensive catalog of models in different ethnicities and sizes

Extensive catalog of models in different ethnicities and sizes

Real-time styling

Real-time styling
and outfitting

High quality output with cutting edge AI

High quality output
with cutting edge AI

Detailed analysis

Detailed analysis
and insights

Elisa Rossi

Elisa Rossi,


In these challenging times, VueModel is the perfect example of how a technology became a lifesaving, necessary technology.

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Press & Media

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