Retain customers and increase conversions with personalized marketing content helps eCommerce businesses engage better with their shoppers and bring them back to the website with omni-channel personalization.

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Improve marketing performance with AI-powered personalization can integrate with retailers' marketing platforms to send personalized content on emails and notifications. By unifying the 360-degree profiles of every shopper with detailed product data, the A.I. delivers relevant content for every shopper across multiple touchpoints - making them return and convert.

Powerful A.I. capabilities for better marketing content

Personalized Emails generates personalized recommendations inside the email at the point of open - ensuring that the products are in stock and match the shopper's latest preferences.

Personalized Push Notifications

The platform can add personalized content to push notifications for every shopper - with products that match their preferences and activity on the site.

Rich Product & Customer Data

The A.l. extracts and enhances product data that can then be mapped to shopper profiles, based on their site behavior, for highly personalized experiences.

Dynamic 1:1 Personalization alters content real-time, to match every single shopper’s preferences and intent.

Customizable A.I.

The A.I. algorithms can be trained and customized for different retail strategies based on every business’s goals and priorities.

A/B Testing

The dashboard has a easy, quick way to design and run statistically significant A/B tests across the site and other shopper touchpoints.

Journey Experience Management

The platform allows for a straightforward way of creating, testing, and scaling personalized experiences across different marketing and website touchpoints.

Audience Segmentation

The platform allows segmentation of shoppers based on behavior, intent, demographics, and psychographics - and automatically adds new visitors to the relevant segments.

Business Impact Dashboard

The dashboard measures an exhaustive range of KPIs including directly attributable revenue, revenue per user, and more.

VueX: AI-Powered Personalization Platform

VueX is a single platform retailers can use to create personalized shopper journeys within and outside their site.

Dynamic 1:1 personalization

The A.I. ensures every single shopper sees content they love, all the time.

One platform. Everything you need.

A single platform to effortlessly build, test and optimize personalized shopper journeys.

Enhances & generates data

VueX doesn't just use data, it makes it better. The A.I. enhances product data and generatesrich customer profiles.

Make the A.I. your own

Change weightages of the algorithm, add business filters based on inventory and business goals.

A.I. enabled decision making

Make decisions based on high quality data. Run A/B tests, measure, optimize.

Personalized recommendations on mail that match retail goals

Personalize promotional emails
Cross-sell in orderconfirmation emails
Rescue abandoned shopping carts
Re-engage in order cancellation emails

Boost engagement and revisits by sending shoppers curated product recommendations based on their individual tastes and preferences. When you launch new collections, show the products the shopper is most likely to love to get them to the site and make a purchase. Nurture your community with exclusive content for each shopper.

The shopper journey doesn’t stop with a purchase. Use order confirmation mails as an opportunity for cross-sells. Show products that can be used with the products a user has bought - personalized to their preferences. Get shoppers back to your site even after making a purchase.

Use personalized cart abandonment emails to lead shoppers back to your website and remind them to complete their purchase. You can show other products similar to the ones they have picked if they are hesitant about their choices - or show ways of pairing the products they picked with others in your catalog if they need to be more convinced to make the purchase.

Reconnect with shoppers who have cancelled an order with other products picked just for them. Bring them back to your site, understand their intent further, and get them closer to what they were looking for and to making a purchase.

How AI-powered marketing personalization has impacted retailers

uplift in engagement with marketing personalization
increase in click-to-open rate on mail
increase in conversions with mail recommendations

*Observed in A/B tests conducted by customers’s personalization solution integrates with the most popular email service providers

Our APIs can also be used with the ESP of your choice.

Shoji Kimura

Shoji Kimura,


"With’s Personalization Suite, we saw 8x the engagement from users who had interacted with, compared to users who hadn‘t interacted with them. The average basket size per order via recommendations was 40% larger than that of non-engaged users. The team has also been really prompt with suggestions for optimizing the placement of widgets, for constantly improving results."

Selvin Kumar

Selvin Kumar

Growth Hacker

"We partnered with MSD and introduced elements like similar products & recently viewed items. It created a huge impact for us in terms of engagement. The majority of users had a touch point and eventually placed an order.’s recommendations became a game changer for Namshi in terms of engagement, touch points and conversions."

Chris Homer

Chris Homer,

Co-Founder & CTO

"’s technology powers personalisation - Customers fill out a style profile, tell us what they like and upload mood boards from Pinterest. Then, combining’s technology plus our own stylists in the loop, we curate a box for them. Customers receive 10-12 items, try them and return what doesn’t work. It gives our customers convenience, freedom, privacy, flexibility and we found to be a very powerful addition to the platform."

Karen Bruck

Karen Bruck,

VP Marketplace

"When it comes to product discovery on an eCommerce platform, everything from our search algorithm to our recommendations to what we send on our email and push notifications is important. That is why we are also partnering with an intelligent retail automation company like, to really push the bar and get some of those world standards to be introduced to our platform."

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