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Make every email perform better with AI-powered personalization

Make every email perform better with AI-powered personalization can integrate with retailers' email marketing platforms to send personalized content on emails that make shoppers return and checkout. By unifying the 360-degree shopper profiles of every shopper with detailed product data, our A.I. delivers relevant and personalized content to shoppers across multiple touchpoints.Our A.I. knows what every shopper is most likely to buy based on their most recent actions, and generates dynamic recommendations to the email when it's opened - ensuring that the products are in stock and match the shopper's preferences. Read More

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How AI-powered email personalization has impacted retailers

Personalization Designed for Fashion


uplift in engagement
with recommendations

Personalization Designed for Fashion


increase in
click-to-open rate

Personalization Designed for Fashion


increase in conversions with
mail recommendations

*Observed from A/B tests conducted by customers

Personalized recommendations on mail that
match retail goals


Personalize promotional emails

Boost engagement and revisits by sending shoppers curated product recommendations based on their individual tastes and preferences. When you launch new collections, show the products the shopper is most likely to love to get them to the site and make a purchase. Nurture your community with exclusive content for each shopper.

ImgObj Promotional emails personalized to every shopper's personalization solution integrates with
the most popular email service providers

Our APIs can also be used with the ESP of your choice.

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"In resale today, scale equals technology, and we're really seeing the impact of leveraging recommendations with Vue."

Santiago Valdes, Co-Founder, Vestua

Marita Abraham, CMO, Zilingo

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