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VueX: A single, powerful A.I. tool that allows retailers to


unique shopper journeys

Personalize content to every individual shopper

A/B test

business impact

A personalized experience at every touchpoint

Delight every shopper with truly individualized shopper experiences and grow your revenue.

Style Profiles

Build unique Style Profiles for each shopper based on their likes, affinities, and visual preferences.

Dynamic Personalization

Gauge shopper intent in real time with every click they make, to power relevant product discovery.

Recommendation Strategies

Deploy a variety of product recommendation strategies to improve shopper engagement and conversion.

AI-Powered Search and Sorting

Leverage the power of Image Recognition to serve individualized search results to every shopper.

Cross-channel Impact

Enhance the shopper journey across different touchpoints on your website, apps, as well as email.

Ease of Use

Set up, configure and monitor the performance of recommendations on your site, with minimal tech intervention.

Integrated Reporting

Track the performance of VueCommerce features on your website from a comprehensive dashboard.

Generate Style Profiles for every customer


Color | Shape | Pattern | Style


Price | Brand | Category



Recommendations designed for direct business impact

Trending Products
Top picks for you
Similar Recommendations
Styling Recommendations
Complete the basket
Brand Recommendations
Refill Recommendations
Top selling products that can be personalized to show the most relevant products for each user.Placement: Homepage Business Impact: With trending products recommendations, a premium lifestyle brand saw a 2.8x increase in conversion rate.
Products in the catalog that match the shopper’s preferences and current session intent the best. Placement: Homepage or listing pages Business Impact: With the ‘Top picks for you’ recommendation type, a marketplace saw 11x higher product views per customer visit.
Products that are similar to the product that a shopper is looking at.Placement: Product or cart page Business Impact: A leading luxury brand was able to directly attribute 7% of their revenue to the ‘Similar Recommendations’ widget.
Personalized outfit options based on different themes and occasions for fashion eCommerce.Placement: Product, category, or cart pages Business Impact: Using Styling Recommendations, a premium lifestyle brand saw 70% higher AOV than sitewide average.
Products that are complementary to the product the shopper has chosen.Placement: Cart or product page Business Impact: With the ‘Complete The Basket’ recommendation, retailers have seen an increase in basket size and return visits.
Products from a particular brand, used to promote in-house or high-value brands. Placement: Homepage, product page Business Impact: With the ‘Brand Recommendations’ widget, a leading Indian marketplace saw a 4% increase in sitewide revenue.
Products that shoppers buy periodically - to refill supplies.Placement: Cart page or homepage Business Impact: With the 'Refill Recommendations' widget, retailers have seen an increase in return visits and customer loyalty.

Impact of’s product recommendations

in Directly Attributable Revenue
increase in Average Order Value
increase in Conversions
increase in Engagement
Kishore Mardikar

Kishore Mardikar


"We worked with to introduce the recommendation component on our homepage and they are very clearly one of the positive benefits. The recommendations component actually has given us the ability to move the traffic more towards the category pages and has improved the performance of the homepages."

Santiago Valdes

Santiago Valdes


"In resale today, scale equals technology, and we’re really seeing the impact of leveraging recommendations with Given that with resale you have unique, one of a kind items, its frustrating when there’s no second piece of an item. This is when recommendations can help with the closest style, size etc."

Selvin Kumar

Selvin Kumar

Growth Hacker

"We partnered with MSD and introduced elements like similar products & recently viewed items. It created a huge impact for us in terms of engagement. The majority of users had a touch point and eventually placed an order.’s recommendations became a game changer for Namshi in terms of engagement, touch points and conversions."

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AI-powered product recommendations

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