Save time by using AI to check vendor images at scale uses image recognition and automation to check, in real-time, whether eCommerce product photos comply with a retailer’s guidelines.

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Screen vendor images with minimum human intervention using visual AI’s image moderation solution helps eCommerce marketplaces and vendor onboarding teams assess the quality of product images to ensure they match the website’s guidelines. The AI can check for all basic eCommerce guidelines and can be trained for custom requirements. The solution works instantly and at scale for large volumes of images.

Powerful capabilities for image moderation at scale

Image Recognition

The Image Recognition engine helps assess different parts of the product photo to check if they match the retailer’s guidelines.

Preset Guidelines Library

The solution has a preset library with a variety of common eCommerce photo guidelines that it can check images for.

Trainable AI Models

The AI models can be trained to assess new or custom guidelines based on the retailer's requirements.

Continuous Learning Ability

The engine continuously learns from QA input and feedback to provide more accurate results.

AI trained presets for common eCommerce guidelines’s image moderation solution can check for a variety of common eCommerce photo guidelines including:

Image ratio and resolution
File format
Nature & quality of background
Blur detection
Presence of any frame or border
Human vs. Mannequin vs. Garment photos
Text or watermark detection
Multi-object vs single-object
Image-title alignment
Complete product visibility

Based on business context and requirements, we can build custom guidelines for any retailer.

ML Tool: Assess image quality with ease by empowering teams with AI’s ML tool enables retailers to create custom guideline structures based on their business priorities. The tool can then be used to visualize the data spread and create AI models that analyse, categorize, and organize the images at scale. Both the output assessed images and the trained AI models can be exported to fit into any existing systems.

Build attribute structure

The tool allows all users to build their own catalog image guidelines and attribute based on what works for their business.

Build attribute structure

Visualize your data

Using computer vision, the tool processes and plots data points on a 2D canvas based on the different guidelines for users to visualize their products.

Visualize your data

Organize your data

The users can drag and drop a few sample products into the different guideline groups - from which the machine learns and clusters rest of the products instantly.

Export labelled data

The tool facilitates easy exporting of assessed images and predictions into a CSV file, which can be used across the eCommerce site or independently.

Deploy ML model

The trained models along with custom taxonomies can be exported to fit into any existing systems.

Image moderation for high volumes at scale

eCommerce retailers use’s image moderation solution for:

To ensure: Uniformity in website photos | High-quality imagery | Compliance with marketing and other platforms

Benefits of AI-Powered Image Moderation

with AI and automation
with trainable AI models
with image recognition

Why - Image Moderation

Smart learning

Cutting edge

Instant feedback iteration


 AI-powered product curations

guideline support

Complete catalog coverage

feedback loops

Kishore Mardikar

Kishore Mardikar


We worked with to introduce the recommendation component on our homepage and they are very clearly one of the positive benefits. The recommendations component actually has given us the ability to move the traffic more towards the category pages and has improved the performance of the homepages.

“A great piece of technology”’s platform is very reliable and scalable and they always seem ready to solve every problem that you face. We had to do product image moderation manually before Now we can moderate millions of product images automatically and enrich our product data seamlessly.

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Automated image moderation with AI

Custom demos typically last for 30 minutes. In this time, you can expect to:

  1. Get a in-depth understanding of our automated image moderation solution and its capabilities.
  2. Understand how other retailers are using the solution to achieve their business goals.
  3. Discuss your unique needs and challenges.

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