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Sell outfits rather than just a single product
to your shoppers’s styling recommendations help identify outfits for any product that a shopper is viewing. These outfits can be built from scratch by A.I. or based on how it has been styled in the product photo. Showing these personalized outfitting suggestions to shoppers helps increase average order size and value.

Sell outfits rather than just a single product

The impact retailers have seen with’s personalized styling

Personalization Designed for Fashion


better conversions with
styling recommendations

Personalization Designed for Fashion


uplift in AOV

*Observed from A/B tests conducted by customers

Provide a personal stylist to every shopper
on your site

A.I. Stylist

The A.I. stylist recommends different ways in which a shopper can wear a product with other products in the catalog - for different themes and occasions.

How it works: The A.I. has been trained to build outfits for a set of preset themes. When provided with a base product, the A.I. Stylist builds a number of product combinations for the chosen themes and the highest ranked outfits are displayed to the shopper. You can also choose to build custom themes for your brand based on your business goals.

A.I. Stylist Outfit Recommendations
Shop The Look Outfit Recommendations)

Shop the Look

Shop The Look identifies and recommends the products that a model in an image is wearing. It helps monetize the entire product photo rather than focus on a single product.

How it works: Using A.I. powered image recognition, Shop The Look extracts different products shown in the PDP image. It then matches this with the catalog to find the exact products. If something is out of stock or not available, the A.I. replaces it with the next closest match.

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“We started our personalisation journey with MSD probably two years ago. And if I may judge the current experience of personalized assets, personalized properties on whether it be an app or web or some different interfaces as well, I think it was really, really satisfying. we have seen a really, really good impact on our business. And this is not just evident by me saying it. There are numbers and then there are users who are spending a lot of time and being a brand for what platform we are not seeing this.”

Pratik Khandagale, Product Manager (MarTech and Analytics), Tata CLiQ

Pratik Khandagale, Product Manager (MarTech and Analytics), Tata CLiQ

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Personalized Styling Recommendations with A.I.

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