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Demonstrable business impact


in Directly Attributable Revenues

Demonstrable business impact


increase in Average Order Value

Demonstrable business impact


increase in Conversions

Demonstrable business impact


increase in Engagement

3 ways to make recommendations work for you

To maximize ROI from product recommendations, retailers need to ensure

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Recommendations designed for business impact

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Personalized content across
the entire shopper journey

VueX: A single platform to build personalized shopper journeys, one recommendation at a time

personalized experience personalized experience

Business Impact

Personalization Designed for Fashion Personalization Designed for Fashion

Accelerate business growth with VueX

Build AI-enabled personalized shopper journeys, A/B test them and measure business impact, all from a single A.I. platform. No code needed.



Learn how this Middle Eastern marketplace saw a 32% increase in click-through-rate QoQ's personalized product recommendations.

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