Faster Excess
Inventory Sales,
Lower Costs

Vue.ai’s excess inventory management tool
gives brands a comprehensive view of their
inventory and allows them to sell it off-price
to select retailers.

End-to-end excess inventory management

Upload and dynamically sort/filter through all products in an intuitive product interface , including pricing information, sizing details, and attributes unique to the organization-all in one view

Manage and send product assortments with unique price points across multiple markets, currencies and channels.

Negotiate on products with buyers based on styles, quantities, price, category, and other key attributes. Customize settings for each buyer with full control over transaction speed and buyer visibility.

Powerful capabilities for excess inventory management at scale

Smart Upload

The tool's configurator automatically maps uploaded inventory to existing attribute fields and creates a centralized view into your inventory.

Automatic Assortment Allocation

The tool automatically assorts equal amounts of units in different sizes for the same product during offer allocation.

Comprehensive Views

The comprehensive database provides you with full visibility into all product data including attributes, price etc along with product images.

Buyer Dashboard

The tool allows buyers to create a separate account with separate fields for back and forth negotiation on price, quantity, size etc, eliminating the need for emails.

Flexible Negotiation Settings

The tool allows you to determine the level of negotiation that the buyer can do, including quantity, category, sizing, truckloads, price etc.

Price Quotation

The tool allows you to automatically calculate selling prices, optimized to get the most out of each unit or product.

Impact of Smart Excess Inventory Management


Faster speed-


Reduction in
operating costs


product margins

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