Cleaner Catalogs, Faster Product Onboarding

with consistent and high-quality product meta data

Using AI-powered algorithms, identify and tag detailed product attributes. Standardize, organize and publish product data adapted for every touchpoint. From product data generation and enrichment, to ensuring product discovery and search enhancement, deploy a wide range of applications for ecommerce catalog management.

Build Well-Organized, Information-Rich Catalogs

Automated Product Tagging

Enrich catalogs with detailed product metadata extracted from images and text.

Tag millions of products automatically with the power of Artificial Intelligence

Ontology Management

Standardize and enrich your product data with a consistent, domain-specific taxonomy for improved data integration, data retrieval, and data cleansing.

Maintain clean and organized digital cataloging with AI-powered automation

Product Content Generation

Derive visual and textual cues from product images to build robust content for product detail pages (PDP), descriptions, and meta tags.

Generate highly specific product title and descriptions optiimized for your ecommerce needs

Assortment Visualization

Visualize and collect meaningful insights from your catalog data to identify trends and gaps in assortment.

Manage and sort your entire collection visually with AI powered automation

Content Quality Assessment

Improve overall accuracy and data quality Of your catalog data, While saving time on manual and repetitive processes

Assure highly accurate product content across the product lifecycle with Artificial Intelligence

Product Discovery

Enrich metadata tags with domain-specific, SEO-friendly keywords to improve product discovery on search engines and on ecommerce websites.

Improve product discovery on search with AI- powered automation
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“Zilingo is a hybrid marketplace with millions of products on the platform. It’s very challenging to be able to catalog and curate collections effectively. How can we effectively curate products on the site so we’re able to show them to a customer at the point of sale or discovery? That’s a very relevant aspect to our business. That’s why we are using A.I. to curate fashion collections in an automated and scalable way.”

Marita Abraham, CMO, Zilingo

Marita Abraham, CMO, Zilingo


increase in catalog accuracy for better search and discovery



products tags and
attributes served



category tags
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time saved per
person per week

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