Automated Product Tagging For Ecommerce

Auto tag. Playing manual tag is for kids

Extract, clean, and standardize product data using's automated product tagging tool. Bid farewell to endless vendor calls. No more stress.

Automated Product Tagging for eCommerce


Cataloging & Enrichment done

Mistakes. Personal biases. Slip-ups.

High-speed data extraction and enrichment. Structured,
unstructured – all captured. Let the countdown begin.

How tagging works in fashion?
How tagging works in grocery?
How tagging works in electronics?
How tagging works in home & furniture?
How tagging works in beauty?

The tag-tical weaponry

Tools that lock, load, extract, and enrich your data.
Fast as a bullet.

High quality product data

Extract, enhance, and organize product data with ease.

Automated Tag Extraction

NLP, OCR, and image recognition to extract attributed product images, labels, and unstructured text.

EAN & Market Source Look-up

Attributes extracted from EAN databases and open market sources across retail categories

Industry-Specific Rich Taxonomy

Thousands of pre-set tags for all retail categories readily available.

Improved product
discovery and
website performance

Faster go-to-market, and accurate search results.

Data Prediction

Predicts data when there is no information available.

Generative AI

Titles and descriptions in any tone and style + hand taxonomy builders.

Custom Tags

Caters to custom tags creation based on business goals.

Faster tags at reduced
manual efforts

Product tags at scale with reduced costs and time.

High-Speed Tagging Tools

Automated product tagging tool for your merchandising and data teams to boost efficiency

Continuous Learning

The engine continuously learns from QA inputs.

Flexible integration

The tool can integrate with PIM solutions and supports custom integrations.

Enhanced catalog

Improved merchandising decisions with highly accurate data

Assortment Analysis

Visualize catalog assortment and map with user interest for informed decisions.

Data Vizualization

Slice, sort, and view data in various ways, maximizing product insights.



time saved per person per week


increase in conversion rate


reduction in time to market


increase in unique product views

Product Intelligence with AI

Instant product tags & metadata

AI-powered image & text moderation

Customizable AI

QA dashboard

Catalog assortment insights & reports

Better Product Discovery Starts with Enriched Data

Use’s exhaustive taxonomy to create tags,
manage catalog classification

Create eye-catching product descriptions & titles for PDPs using Generative AI.

Provide nuanced filters for shoppers to hit the bullseye
on their purchases.

Rich product data with detailed tags for spot-on
results every time.

Detailed product tags along with relevant titles and descriptions ensure that shoppers make informed shopping decisions.

Capture users on the web with SEO friendly tags.
Gain a winning edge.

Delight shoppers with personalized suggestions of products
they'd love to see.

Standardize product data, improve data integration,
retrieval, and cleansing.

Group products with similar attributes together for
better product discovery.

Find relevant products and styles easily
with enriched tags.

Tagging Tool: Get the Most Out of Your Data by Empowering Teams with AI’s ML tagging tool enables retailers to structure and label product data efficiently. The tool can be used for building custom taxonomies and attribute structures based on business priorities. Through the tool, users can visualize the catalog spread and create AI models that can label, categorize and organize data at scale. Both the output structured product data and the trained models can be exported to fit into any existing systems.

Build attribute structure

The tool allows all users to build their own catalog taxonomies and attribute structures based on what works for their business.

Visualize your data

Using CV and NLP, the tool processes and plots data points on a 2D canvas based on the extracted attribute vectors for users to visualize their products.

Organize your data

The users can drag and drop a few sample products into the attribute groups they match - from which the machine learns and clusters rest of the products instantly.

Export labelled data

The tool facilitates easy exporting of labelled product data and predictions into a CSV file, which can be used across the eCommerce site or independently.

Deploy ML model

The trained models along with custom taxonomies can be exported to fit into any existing systems.

Say NO to a 100 partners.

Field teams being powered by tribal team knowledge?
IT managing a ton of apps across the org that don’t talk to each other?
Analytics teams with no bandwidth ever? makes your decision smarter. has increased and maintained accuracy rapidly for almost all rules for image validations and all categories for product tagging.

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Build Your Own Point of Vue

Vue Powered: How Diesel built custom tags with – fast & furious

At Diesel, catalog teams were spending hours to create customized attributes by hand, causing untimely market delays.

  • The deal breaker:
  1.’s automated product tagging tool is a pro at crafting customised tags by training ML models.
  2. It's pretty clever, too. This tagging system gets what's written and what's in the pictures, so it effortlessly figures out product tags.
  3. Plus, makes the whole product tagging process a piece of cake. It's all about keeping things simple and easy, for Diesel.

Vue Powered: How a luxury beauty brand auto-recognized celebrities in images and created ALT text, based on them

The mission, which chose to accept, was to recognize celebrities in images and use AI models to auto-generate ALT text, based on the celeb-tags.

  • The use-case:
  1.'s automated product tagging tool is trained to recognize and extract attributes from images.
  2. Boosts SEO, improves accessibility, enhances website performance.
  3. The result? More buzz, visibility, traffic, and higher website conversions for the luxury beauty brand.