Boost product discovery on your eCommerce site with AI's AI-powered product discovery solution enhances product data and matches it with customer data to help boost catalog coverage and engagement while improving the overall shopper experience.

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Improved eCommerce product discovery with AI's AI-powered product discovery solution boosts catalog coverage and improves product discovery with the foundation of rich product and shopper data. It helps shoppers find the products they are looking for easily with detailed tags and nuanced filters - improving engagement while reducing bounce rate. The AI also ensures shoppers find products relevant to them and convert faster with personalization based on their intent and preferences, across their journey on the website.'s AI-powered product discovery solution uses detailed product data and behavioral data for improved shopper experience on the site.

Impact of on product discovery

increase in CTR in six months with’s recommendations
increase in catalog accuracy for better search and discovery
increase in conversions with's personalization suite
lower bounce rates with personalized homepages

Improved product discovery across all eCommerce touchpoints

Website navigation
Site search results
Personalized recommendations
Category listing pages
Catalog coverage
Marketing campaigns
Screen showing products sorted using nuanced filters

Improve website navigation and filters

Offer nuanced filters on your site based on detailed product tags extracted using visual AI This helps shoppers filter and identify products quickly, and with ease on category listing pages.

Screen showing a no-results page with relevant recommendations

Reduce and automate no-results pages

Automate no results pages to show other relevant products when an exact match isn’t found. These pages can feature ‘Next-Best’ product recommendations that can provide shoppers alternatives to what they were looking for.

Screen showing product recommendations based on the source product that a shopper is looking at

Recommend the right products at the right time

Show shoppers personalized recommendations across the site by taking into account every individual shopper’s preferences. This helps shoppers find products they would love - even when they are not actively looking for it.

Screen showing personalized search results for each shopper based on their preferences

Personalize sorting of listing pages

Sort category and search product listing pages in a personalized way - leading with the products that the shoppers would like the most. The AI ensures shoppers don’t need to scroll to find the products they’d want to buy.

Screen showing relevant search results for the search query

Boost catalog coverage during site search

Match any search query with granular product data generated by AI to show the most relevant products. The AI also takes into account common typos and differences in spelling certain words.

Screen showing recommendations on emails

Personalize omni-channel campaigns

Run omni-channel campaigns with personalized content for improved product discovery even beyond the site. Send personalized recommendations on emails, notifications, and more. tools for improved product discovery

Image of the VueTag dashboard

The VueTag Dashboard

Tag retail products in real time with AI

Instant product tags & metadata

The tool generates detailed, high-quality product tags, and titles & descriptions instantly.

Review and edit tags

The tool gives you the flexibility to evaluate and modify tags for holistic QA.

Bulk edit

With the bulk edit feature you can perform quality checks for multiple images uploaded and tagged - all in one go.

Tagging dashboard

The tool provides you with an overview of the number of images tagged, tags generated and verified, and the accuracy of those tags.

Catalog assortment insights

The tool gives you a complete picture of catalog - at category, attribute, and batch levels.

Accuracy reports

The tool helps with QA by providing confidence scores and accuracy reports of tags in every batch.

Image of the dashboard AI-Powered Personalization Platform is a single platform retailers can use to create personalized shopper journeys within and outside their site.

Dynamic 1:1 personalization

The AI ensures every single shopper sees content they love, all the time.

One platform. Everything you need.

A single platform to effortlessly build, test and optimize personalized shopper journeys.

Enhances & generates data doesn't just use data, it makes it better. The AI enhances product data and generatesrich customer profiles.

Make the AI your own

Change weightages of the algorithm, add business filters based on inventory and business goals.

AI enabled decision making

Make decisions based on high quality data. Run A/B tests, measure, optimize.

Eileen Rizzo,

Eileen Rizzo,

CIO, Ashley Stewart

The poor quality of our product data and attributes impacted the search experience and conversions on our eCommerce site. On deploying’s Image Recognition technology, we saw the ability to improve the speed and the throughput of our product tags.

“Quite a robust platform”

We’re leveraging’s platform to improve our product discovery process leading to a direct impact on our topline numbers. With an extremely clear, straightforward, and thorough integration process, we know exactly what it is required to do due to the predictable outcomes. The platform is helping us to deliver the growth for our revenues from engaged customers in multiples.

India’s Biggest eCommerce Marketplace

“Scales 10x the volume”

We were surprised by the scale can handle. At one point, our servers were a bit sluggish to cater to a sudden spike in the traffic but’s platform was safely able to scale 10x the volume and cater to this traffic.

India’s Biggest eCommerce Marketplace

Karen Bruck

Karen Bruck,

VP Marketplace

When it comes to product discovery on an eCommerce platform, everything from our search algorithm and recommendations to what we send on our email and push notifications is important. That is why we are partnering with, to push the bar and introduce world standards to our platform.

“Meticulous account level monitoring and analysis”’s customer success team is quite thorough with their account level support and monitoring. Quite proactive and really the ideal partners one would like to seek in the technology partner. QBRs are really deep, insightful, and are packed with insights and set the future course of the product very well.

India’s Biggest eCommerce Marketplace

Chris Homer, Co-Founder & CTO

Chris Homer,

Co-Founder & CTO

At thredUP, creating personalized shopping experiences for our customers is a top priority. With over 2M unique items in inventory at any given moment, we are constantly innovating on ways to help each customer locate the perfect needle-in-a-haystack item.’s AI stylist allows us to personalize the end-to-end customer experience, creating a significant impact on multiple touchpoints in the thredUP customer’s journey.

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