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How Improves Product Discovery

Enhanced product data + A.I. generated shopper profiles

Better catalog coverage with personalized site search Better catalog coverage with personalized site search
The impact of AI-powered product discovery
Demonstrable business impact


increase in CTR
in six months with’s recommendations

Demonstrable business impact


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personalization suite

Demonstrable business impact


lower bounce rates
with personalized

AI-generated product intelligence that leads to a 360 degree understanding of a retailer's catalog

Deep Product Intelligence

Using image and text data, Our powerful A.I. platform generates tags across 500+ attributes for every product in your catalog. It then uses this data to build associations between products in your catalog.

This deep product intelligence forms the foundation for enhanced product discovery on your online store.

automated product tagging

Better catalog coverage during site search

Shoppers find what they are looking for no matter what choice of words they use

Common errors and differences in spelling are accounted for; auto suggest available

There is a significant reduction in ‘no results’ pages generated

automated product tagging

Faster product discovery with nuanced filters

As products are tagged across a wide range of attributes, retailers can offer nuanced filters that go beyond category

Allows shoppers to zero-in on what they are looking for faster

automated product tagging

‘Next best’ recommendations keep shoppers engaged

Our wide range of product recommendations provide shoppers with the next best alternative to what they were looking for, in cases where there are out-of-stock items or gaps in assortment

Reduces site abandonment

Rich shopper profiles generated for known and anonymous shoppers

Using real-time and historic behavioral data, our A.I. platform generates rich shopper profiles for each and every shopper that visits your online store. These profiles understand individual shopper’s preferences across a wide range of attributes.

Deep Product Intelligence
automated product tagging

Personalized recommendations matched to shopper intent

Our A.I. dynamically alters recommendations to ensure they are in line with every shopper’s preferences and intent

By placing the right recommendation at the right stage of the journey, shoppers find products they love and want to engage with

automated product tagging

Search results personalized to every shopper

Shoppers that use text search are twice as likely to make a purchase

Our A.I. dynamically arranges search results, based on every individual shopper’s preferences. Shoppers see the products they are most likely to love, right on top

automated product tagging

Personalized omni-channel campaigns that aid in product discovery

Take the power of personalization into every channel- website, email or mobile.

Run product discovery campaigns that are 1:1 personalized and are contextually relevant


VueX - One platform for everything product discovery

Build personalized journeys that lead to better product discovery and improved conversions
Easy to use | No code needed



See how Purple Style Labs, a luxury fashion house, saw a 26.3% increase in user engagement with's personalization solution.

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