Exactly what the shopper wants - even before they know it

Shoppers understood. Context aware. Products mapped. Relevant recommendations, every single time.
This is AI that brings delight.

A Gartner MQ Leader for the 5th consecutive year

Forrester Wave Strong Performer in Experience Optimization

A G2 Leader in Personalization Engines

A TrustRadius leader in both A/B Testing and eCommerce Personalization

The Most Relevant Recommendation Engine You Can Find

Unengaged Visitors. Long Dwell Time. Missed Opportunities. works because it combines products + customer preferences + current session intent. Improve
product discovery - with products that your shoppers actually want to buy.

Don’t Simply React to Customer Actions - Predict It.

All the right recommendations in all the right places.

Top selling products that can be personalized to show the most relevant products for each user.
Placement: Homepage
Business Impact: With trending products recommendations, a premium lifestyle brand saw a 2.8x increase in conversion rate.

Top picks for you: Products in the catalog that match the shopper’s preferences and current session intent the best.
Placement: Homepage or listing pages
Business Impact: With the ‘Top picks for you’ recommendation type, a marketplace saw 11x higher product views per customer visit.

Similar recommendations: Products that are similar to the product that a shopper is looking at.
Placement: Product or cart page
Business Impact: A leading luxury brand was able to directly attribute 7% of their revenue to the ‘Similar Recommendations’ widget.

Styling recommendations: Personalized outfit options based on different themes and occasions for fashion eCommerce.
Placement: Product, category, or cart pages
Business Impact: Using Styling Recommendations, a premium lifestyle brand saw 70% higher AOV than sitewide average.

Complete The Basket: Products that are complementary to the product the shopper has chosen. Placement: Product, category, or cart pages
Business Impact: With the ‘Complete The Basket’ recommendation, retailers have seen an increase in basket size and return visits.

Brand recommendations: Products from a particular brand, used to promote in-house or high-value brands.
Placement: Homepage, product page
Business Impact: With the ‘Brand Recommendations’ widget, a leading Indian marketplace saw a 4% increase in sitewide revenue.

Refill recommendations: Products that shoppers buy periodically - to refill supplies.
Placement: Cart page or homepage
Business Impact: With the Refill Recommendations’ widget, retailers have seen an increase in return visits and customer loyalty.

Impact of’s product recommendations


time saved per person per week


increase in Conversions


increase in Average Order Value


increase in Engagement

Product Intelligence

1:1 Personalization

Dynamic Personalization

Customizable AI

Built for Retail

Easy Integration AI-Powered Personalization Platform is a single platform retailers can use to create personalized shopper journeys within and outside their site.

Plaid allows us to mitigate risk from a direct connection and data exchange with some of our partners. Because our member data is protected, we have the flexibility to experiment with new companies

Benjamin Maxim

CDS & Innovation Officer, MSUFCU