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VueTag uses computer vision and Natural Language Processing to extract data from images and text, and power a wide range of solutions. The platform includes solutions to assess the quality of product images and text, build and enrich product tags and metadata, and sort data to give assortment and catalog insights. The A.I. systems are able to process thousands of products in mere minutes - saving time and resources, while improving quality.

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Impact retailers have seen with VueTag

The Impact of using our E-Commerce Merchandising Tools


increase in catalog accuracy for better search and discovery

The Impact of using our E-Commerce Merchandising Tools


time saved per person
per week

The Impact of using our E-Commerce Merchandising Tools


tags predicted
in 2020

*Observed on an average for VueTag customers across the globe

Solutions for improved product data performance


Product tagging and content generation

Map product attributes to tags and create titles, descriptions, and other text content with A.I. Use VueTag’s exhaustive vertical-specific taxonomy and build on it for custom requirements to standardise tags and manage your catalog classification efficiently.

ImgObj AI Powered Product Tagging and Content Generation

Capabilities to help retailers work more efficiently with product data

"80% of our merchants actually end up using the tags that are auto-generated. It reduces the friction for small businesses to come online and at the same time, it improves quality to the end customer."

"The team is on a mission to put AI and intelligent automation in the hands of teams across the globe in ways that improve productivity and growth multi-fold."

"We engaged with, which had the ability to actually reduce the headcount while increasing accuracy in increasing the throughput."


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