Enrich product data & start tagging with A.I.

Extract, enrich, and organize product data with rich product tags and a standardized taxonomy to enable a better search & discovery experience.

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Extract, enhance, and organize product data better with VueTag

VueTag uses computer vision and Natural Language Processing to extract data from images and text, and power a wide range of solutions. The platform includes solutions to assess the quality of product images and text, build and enrich product tags and metadata, and sort data to give assortment and catalog insights. The A.I. systems are able to process thousands of products in mere minutes - saving time and resources, while improving quality.

Impact retailers have seen with VueTag

increase in catalog accuracy for better search and discovery
time saved per person per week
tags predicted in 2020
Flexible integration
Custom capabilities

*Observed on an average for VueTag customers across the globe


Image Recognition

Image Recognition engine to detect visual qualities of product & generate rich product tags

Natural language processing

NLP engine to extract tags from products, catalog feed & enrich search, description, discoverability with content

Data Prediction

Predict data or tags when there is no information available using both image recognition & past available data

Continuous Learning

The engine continuously learns from QA input, creates new custom tags, and more.

Create new custom tags

Use tagging tool to generate new custom tags

1000s of ML models

1000s of models both retailer generated and generated by Team Vue's AI experts allowing new categories to be tagged anytime

Dashboard & Product editing tool

SaaS tool to allow feedback, generate custom tags, view analytics & more

Solutions for improved product data performance

Product tagging
and content creation
Automated image moderation
Assortment Analysis
Map product attributes to tags and create titles, descriptions, and other text content with A.I. Use VueTag’s exhaustive vertical-specific taxonomy and build on it for custom requirements to standardise tags and manage your catalog classification efficiently.
Assess, at scale, whether product photos and textual data comply with your image quality standards and guidelines.
Sort data to visualize catalog assortment for better buyer and merchandising decisions.

The VueTag Dashboard

Instant product tags & metadata

The VueTag Dashboard (VTD) generates detailed, high-quality product tags, and titles & descriptions instantly.

Review and edit tags

The tool gives you the flexibility to evaluate and modify tags for holistic QA.

Bulk edit

With the Bulk Edit feature you can perform quality checks for multiple images uploaded and tagged - all in one go.

Tagging dashboard

The tool provides gives you an overview of the number of images tagged, tags generated and verified, and tag accuracy.

Catalog assortment insights

VTD gives you a complete picture of catalog - at category, attribute, and batch levels.

Accuracy reports

The tool helps with QA by providing confidence scores and accuracy reports of tags in every batch.

"Diesel observed faster product digitization in less time and a shorter go-to-market period with VueTag. They also saw a decrease in the effort taken to manually tag products and an improvement in the efficiency of product onboarding. The depth of the meta tags allowed enhanced search and detailed filters leading to better product discovery."

Marita Abraham

Marita Abraham,

CMO, Zilingo

"80% of our merchants actually end up using the tags that are auto-generated. It reduces the friction for small businesses to come online and at the same time, it improves quality to the end customer."

Eileen Rizzo,

Eileen Rizzo,

CIO, Ashley Stewart

"We engaged with, which had the ability to actually reduce the headcount while increasing accuracy in increasing the throughput."

Anandamoy Roy Chowdhary

Anandamoy Roy Chowdhary,

Director of Technology, Sequoia Capital India

"The team is on a mission to put AI and intelligent automation in the hands of teams across the globe in ways that improve productivity and growth multi-fold."

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VueTag: AI-Powered eCommerce Product Data Platform

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