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Create stylish product curations with improved productivity

This VueStyle tool makes curating products a simpler activity for eCommerce site merchandisers and stylists. With basic moodboard inputs for inspiration, the tool builds styled curations of products and outfits around a particular theme, occasion, season, or trend.

Product curations for a number of retail use cases


Website curations

Build curated collection of products for different themes and put it up on the homepage to increase engagement and decrease bounce rate.

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Impact retailers have seen with AI-powered product curations

Personalization Designed for Fashion


Personalization Designed for Fashion


Personalization Designed for Fashion

Improved shopper engagement

Personalization Designed for Fashion

bounce rates

With VueStyle, stylists and site merchandisers get to focus on the more creative aspects of their roles and provide strategy while automating the more mundane tasks.

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"Experimenting with Intelligent Retail Automation is something that’s been very exciting for us at Milaner. Through A.I., we’re actually able to slice different types of shopping data to create amazing experiences for our shoppers."

Elisa Rossi - Co-founder, Milaner


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A.I. productivity tool for eCommerce product curations

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