Automated On-Model Imagery Solution

On-model imagery with endless possibilities

Your vision, our expertise. From creative direction to ethical values, we seamlessly bring your fashion products to life by showcasing them on models, using AI.

Trusted by over 150+ retailers across the globe

Break free from repetitive fashion photoshoots! automates the process to showcase eCommerce fashion products on real diverse real models,
with limitless customizations. Sell quicker. Save bigger.

TL;DR: Your Fashion Digitization Journey Begins Here

On-model product images at 1/4th the cost and 5x the speed of the traditional photoshoot processes.

No complex setup

No heavy wallets. requires no complex setup to sustain production.

End to end integration creates a consistent brand story, fitting into your style or crafting a new one effortlessly.

Pre Production

Visualise products on models before they’re even born, improving planning and trend forecasting.

Endless customization

Mix-and-match, outfit curation on different various models variations - no need for chaotic shoots.

Ethical AI upholds ethics from data creation to respectful, compensated real model use.

Flexible input options isn't picky; it accepts all input image types: mannequin, ghost mannequin, 3D, or anything.

DEI compliance

With one image, plays the fashion chameleon, showing products on diverse models.

Dashboard insights

The dashboard is your backstage. Upload, style, review, and get insights into dressing room secrets.

It's not AI vs. humans; it's AI empowering creative teams
to reach heights together

Seeing is believing! Help shoppers visualize what a product would look like on them, making every choice well informed.

With AI, you'll have vendors and partners dancing to the same song. Effortlessly, match imagery required requirements.

Where fashion meets the future! AI lets you put products on on-models and test them online with shopper base to make informed design decisions. can help mix and match products, curate your own outfits, tuck-in and tuck-out, and view them on different models - all without the chaos of shooting them together.

Make promotional collection drops, and pre-orders irresistible

Create lifelike on-model fashion images from a simple 3D or a rendered file to make business decisions with both creativity and sustainability in mind.

Display products on models of different sizes using just a single input image.

No need for separate photos of each color variant. can create images of the product in any color from a single original image.

Showcase product imagery on models against various backgrounds to align with your brand language or the vendor’s design guidelines

Vue Powered: How a luxury brand used AI to put product in context for their shoppers.

Shoppers are often in a confusion, especially when it comes to bags and accessories. The challenge increases when the products lack on-model representation. The traditional process of multiple model shoots was a time-consuming and sluggish ordeal. Enters!

The Solution : The use of Ethical Generative AI worked wonders for the brand, offering the following perks:

  1. Elevating image quality without the never ending processes.
  2. Reducing shoppers running away from the site.
  3. Empowering the brand to select their preferred model for the perfect on-model imagery.

Vue Powered: How a multibrand retailer uses AI to predict tomorrow's design trends.

Stuck in a design dilemma, unsure if a pattern or design will click with shoppers? Don’t worry. has got your back!

The Solution :’s on-model fashion imagery can be used as imagination solution to embed prints on shirts and experimenting with design decisions, from trendy movie character prints to anything. The result?

  1. Helps in cutting material costs.
  2. Saved precious hours for design that would attract shoppers.

Why - On-model fashion imagery


Photoshoot costs saved


Increase in conversion rate


Faster than traditional photoshoot processes


Estimated savings using on-model imagery

GAN technology

High quality output

Multiple categories supported

Flexible input options

Size visualization

Ready-to-go set-up

Cheaper, fast way
of creating on-model photos

VueModel has been a game changer for our company. We turn around images in 3 days instead of 3 weeks. VueModel has the added advantage of producing remarkably consistent output across garment.

Justin Zarabi

Director of New Business Development

With conversion rates up by 60%, VueModel is a great tool to make the life of an eCommerce team a lot easier while saving a lot of money.

Johannes Montag

Head of eCommerce


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