AI Like Never Before

For years, quality of data has affected eCommerce personalization & search experiences.
Never again!

Better Data = Better ROI through Search & Personalization

A Gartner MQ Leader for the 5th consecutive year

Forrester Wave Strong Performer in Experience Optimization

A G2 Leader in Personalization Engines

A TrustRadius leader in both A/B Testing and eCommerce Personalization 2.0 for eCommerce and Retail Teams 2.0 offers a holistic Search and Personalization engine for retailers, utilizing NLP, OCR, GANs, and Computer Vision for enriched data and seamless discovery. A large library of out-of-the-box AI models cater to eCommerce KPIs and can be customized for each business, while dynamic personalization and AI-driven segmentation enhance user engagement. Best of all, it keeps all your product, customer, and marketing data clean and organized, so you can focus on what matters most: growing your business.

AI Suite for eCommerce Search & Personalization

Distill Data, Segment, Personalize and Optimize Experiences For Your Audience

Content Manager

Upload, structure, and enrich product data across sources with ease.

Explore Data Sources

Create a catalog with any data source and /or regularly sync catalogs. Organize this data into a structured format.

Enrich Catalog

Extract and enrich product data from images, videos, and text through NLP, image and video recognition, OCR, and text extraction.

Deploy ML Models

Use the structured and enriched product data to train and build new models curated towards your business goals.

Digital Experience Manager

Map individual preferences to product data and build omnichannel journeys for personalized user experiences.

Pick Recommendation Strategies

Choose from a large library of AI models focused on different eCommerce KPIs. Customize and build additional models for your specific business goals.

Create Modules

Stitch together different recommendation strategies - combined with other rule-based content wherever required.

Deploy & Experiment with Omnichannel Experiences

Schedule personalized journeys across different shopper touchpoints. Experiment and A/B test with strategies and placement.

Visualize Metrics & Gain Insights

Build custom dashboard from diverse data sources - locations, websites, apps, offline databases, CRM systems  - and unlock insights about your audience.

Audience Manager

Curate visitor data into segments for personalized journeys and experiences

Define Audience Segments

Create and view a custom audience or choose from the list of pre-set audience segments. Import/export audience lists.

Gain Deep Shopper Insights

Monitor and track detailed audience performance and KPI metrics for each segment

Analyze Overlaps

Check overlap of audience presets as well as the percentage of overlap between audience segments.

A/B Test with Audiences

A/B test with multiple audiences for different user experiences.


Read and Write Data across sources to 200+ Locations

Configure Sources & Destinations

Pick and configure credentials for any systems used in the organization to read data from.

Build Connections

Configure schema from the source to destination for seamless data movement.

Impact Retailers have seen with


Lift in Revenue Per Visit


ROI for 1$ Spent On Us


lift in sitwide conversion

Enhanced content enrichment for precise discovery

Extensive AI model library catering to eCommerce KPIs

1:1 Dynamic Personalization

AI segments for known and anonymous shoppers

Unified data control across all functions

The personalization solution introduces world standards to our platform

Karen Bruck

VP Marketplace, Hispanic
South America Markets - a great recommendation engine! We are seeing an uplift in our conversion rate and AOV across the business by automating product recommendations.

Ankit Bansal

Head of Digital

We see AI as a way to designing end-to-end experiences and is one of the best partners who can design this whole experience for us.

Abhay Saboo

Co-founder & CEO