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Customer Intelligence

Build a dynamic view of your customer

Personalize their experience | Optimize your inventory

Build shopper profiles through demographic, transactional, behavioral and social signals

Personalize their experience | Optimize your inventory

Power personalized journeys for every shopper

Personalize their experience | Optimize your inventory

Increase customer loyalty and lifetime value (CLTV)

Content Intelligence

Build a singular view into your inventory

Personalize their experience | Optimize your inventory

Capture and digitize product, content, and customer data

Personalize their experience | Optimize your inventory

Tag and organize data into easily usable structured formats

Personalize their experience | Optimize your inventory

Optimize costs through data-driven decisions

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"We worked with to introduce the recommendation component on our homepage and they are very clearly one of the positive benefits. What we found is the ability to showcase products that are closer to what the customer wants and build a bit of relevance with the customers. The recommendations component actually has given us the ability to move the traffic more towards the category pages and has improved the performance of the homepages."
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Kishore Mardikar
CMO, Tata Cliq

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Use powerful Visual AI and Data Extraction to drive actionable insights for your retail teams

Automated Catalog Tagging

Automated Catalog Tagging

Build rich & nuanced product profiles and enable robust product affinities through:

  • Standard attributes: Data generated using NLP and Vision
  • Derived attributes: Data generated using information from standard attributes and predefined latent attributes

Enhanced Product Discovery

Product Discovery

Increase product discovery by showing highly relevant personalized recommendations:

  • Substitutes: Similar to source product | Considers derived nuances like gluten-free
  • Complete the Basket: Complementary Products | Considers nuances like brand affinity

Personalized Product Listing

Cross-Channel Personalization

Personalize every step of the shopper’s journey.

  • Personalized banners based on category and product affinities
  • Personalized listing - For e.g. shopper’s gluten-free preferences followed by brand affinity

Personalized Retention Marketing

Personalized Marketing

Make your one-time shopper a repeat shopper with personalized retention marketing:

  • Personalized emails - whether transactional, abandoned cart or promotional
  • Increased customer loyalty, leading to increased customer lifetime value (CLTV)
Personalization Designed for Fashion


Lift in Overall
Conversion Rate

Personalization Designed for Fashion


Retention Rate

Personalization Designed for Fashion


Lift in Overall
Revenue Per Visit

Personalization Designed for Fashion


Increase in
Cart Value


Match the Right Products
to the Right Shoppers

Product Profiles

Product Profiles

Create rich product profiles through image and text data, using our powerful data extraction tools.

Product Graphs

Product Graphs

Build affinities: product to product and product to shopper. Offer the best substitute and complementary products, using product graphs.

Customer Profiles

Customer Profiles

Identify every customer’s flavor profile and offer personalized experiences to boost retention and LTV.

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Our AI is designed for personalization which can lead to customer retention and build loyalty. Our product suite is able to impact across the retail chain, enabling retailers to save costs, while increasing revenues. for fashion

End-to-end, real-time, dynamic personalization. For product managers and ecommerce teams.

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Faster tagging. Cleaner catalogs. Automatically tag catalogs and extract rich product attributes from images and text.

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Real-time, dynamic email personalization. Shopper profile based products and collections curated by AI

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