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Enrich catalogs with predicted and extracted tags, with attributes like color, pattern, neckline, style, occasion, fabric and more.
VueTag is an AI-powered automated product tagging solution that generates consistent product data, improves shopper’s product discovery experience as well as improves overall productivity by helping them make informed buying and merchandising decisions.

automated product tagging

Tag more
Upload your product catalog via our Dashboard or through API, to predict from visual or textual attributes.

automated product tagging

QA faster
Access an automated QA process so your teams can review tags faster.

automated product tagging

Analyze better
Improve your decision making skills, make product data available to multiple teams, creating a singular view into inventory.

Explore highly-detailed products tags specifically trained for fashion with over 250+ identified attributes across categories, sub categories and more!

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Get consistent, highly optimized product data powered by A.I.

Automate the product tagging process for high performance fashion catalogs specifically for your business
personalized experience

Save costs with faster, automated product digitization

personalized experience

Create consistent, enriched metadata for clean catalogs

personalized experience

Help merchants and sellers with smoother seller onboarding

personalized experience

Curate collections with style, occasion, season tags and more

personalized experience

Improve product discovery and navigation

Learn how A.I. predicted tags make a difference in your business

"Merchants don’t have the resources or the infrastructure to tag their products accurately. It’s quite challenging to be able to control the quality in that environment. We have seen that when we use auto-tagging to show our merchants how they should tag products, 80% of our merchants actually end up using the tags that are auto-generated. We’ve seen a lot of positive impact from that because it reduces the friction for small businesses to come online and at the same time, it improves the quality and experience for the end customer. We are leveraging’s technology to empower the consumer side and the supply chain side of the business to do better."

Marita Abraham
Chief Marketing Officer



increase in catalog accuracy for better search and discovery



products tags and
attributes served



category tags
and attributes



time saved per
person per week

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