Customer attention is the world’s most coveted currency for retailers. There are over 2 million fashion brands in the world today, and 2.1 billion people who will be buying online by 2021. It has become imperative for brands to target customers where they are and based on how they shop.

To ensure brand recall and increase brand loyalty, retailers need to be what shoppers want them to be: better content and entertainment spaces. Retail needs to reimagine the shopper’s experience. In this report, we sketch out how intelligent retail automation can help in every step of the retail process - from catalog management to sales through automation and personalization.

Retailers world over are using AI. Download this report to find out how you can too.

About MeLiXP 2019:

MeLiXP 2019, the 4th edition of MeLiXP is a platform for content, technology and innovation in the context of the digital business market and online sales, bringing together several categories of the segment in an experience that privileges networking.


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