Virtual Fitting Rooms

Introducing Virtual Dressing Room - a tool that allows retailers to provide an inclusive and immersive dressing room experience online

Shoppers who use dressing rooms are 71% more likely to buy products than those who simply browse the sales floors. What’s more, shoppers who use fitting rooms purchase approximately two times more items than those who don’t.

The pandemic has made shoppers more confident than ever before when it comes to shopping online, and retailers are investing heavily in making the online shopping experience memorable. 

When it comes to translating the physical shopping experience online of apparel shopping, a missing link remains - and that is the fitting room. Now with a shift to eCommerce, there is a need for a dressing room-like experience to be available online

With  more people shopping online than ever before, it is crucial for online fashion retailers to bridge this gap between physical and digital experiences. This report will help you understand how retailers can implement Virtual Dressing Rooms on their eCommerce sites & the incredible business benefits of this tool.

This report elaborates why eCommerce retailers capture the full essence of virtual dressing rooms to stay relevant in today’s market

Why Virtual Dressing Rooms are eCommerce’s next big thing

The need for Virtual Dressing Rooms

Dressing Room by VueModel

What does it mean for retailers?

What does it mean for shoppers?