Why Going AI-Native Should Be D2C's Big Bet For Growth

As competition within the market rises, AI presents the perfect opportunity for D2C retailers to increase ROI, and efficiency, to get an edge over their competitors.

The Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) segment has witnessed colossal growth over the last few years, with market projections expecting to reach $100 Billion by 2025.

A large part of the D2C success lies in the operational agility and direct connections brands are able to form with their consumers. But with scale, D2C brands could stand to lose their biggest advantage. This is where AI can help.

Brands can leverage the capabilities of AI-powered tools to maximize conversions, customer lifetime value and seamlessly manage cross-channel journeys of customers at scale while boosting productivity and enabling faster go-to-market time. 

The benefits of AI for D2C boils down to two pillars, AI-led revenue growth, and AI-led retail efficiency. 

D2C eCommerce brands must understand that they can go AI-Native at the same time as they’re growing and scaling their digital footprint. By doing both at the same time, they will still be able reap the benefits of the early majority of AI adopters.

This report explores the pillars for D2C growth, with exclusive insights from Ashwini Asokan, CEO of Vue.ai, which provides intelligent retail automation solutions for 150+ retailers across the globe — including thredUP, Mercado Libre, Diesel, Centric Brands, Namshi.com, Off White, Tata CLiQ, to name a few.

What it means to be AI-native

Building data moats

AI pillars for d2c brands

AI-led revenue growth

AI led efficiency