McKinsey predicts that e-commerce is going to go from 20 to 40% of total retail over the next few months and is unlikely to go back.

The coronavirus pandemic has radically altered our way of life. Businesses have undergone transformation unlike ever before - specifically, retail. Retail, which was still primarily an ‘in-person’, ‘touch and feel’ activity, has seen its digital transformation accelerated at a dizzying pace over the last couple of months. Creative teams, in the post-COVID world, will face some serious challenges in building product imagery. Tasked with the responsibility of getting product images that continue to engage and convert, on websites as well as social media, they will face increasing demand to find faster and cheaper ways to achieve this.

Learn how retailers can adopt AI solutions to build high-quality on-model product imagery at 5x the speed and 1/4th the cost of traditional photoshoots.


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