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"’s technology powers personalisation - Customers fill out a style profile, tell us what they like and upload mood boards from Pinterest. Then, combining’s technology plus our own stylists in the loop, we curate a box for them. Customers receive 10-12 items, try them and return what doesn’t work. It gives our customers convenience, freedom, privacy, flexibility and we found to be a very powerful addition to the platform."


Co-Founder & CTO, thredUP

"At TATA CLiQ, we are focused on being a world class brand destination and build out our tech well, so that the rest of the automation piece if taken care of by A.I. That’s why we have partnered with, who are building their organization around intelligent retail automation in a niche, holistic manner. TATA CLiQ is a niche and that’s why we hope to have a long partnership."



"When it comes to product discovery on an e-commerce platform, everything from our search algorithm to our recommendations to what we send on our email and push notifications is important. That is why we are also partnering with an intelligent retail automation company like, to really push the bar and get some of those world standards to be introduced to our platform."


VP Marketplace, Hispanic South America Markets, Mercado Libre

"Merchants don’t have the resources or the infrastructure to tag their products accurately. It’s quite challenging to be able to control the quality in that environment. We have seen that when we use auto-tagging to show our merchants how they should tag products, 80% of our merchants actually end up using the tags that are auto-generated. We’ve seen a lot of positive impact from that because it reduces the friction for small businesses to come online and at the same time, it improves the quality and experience for the end customer. We are leveraging’s technology to empower the consumer side and the supply chain side of the business to do better."


CMO, Zilingo

"'s recommendations created a huge impact and became a game changer for Namshi in terms of engagement, touch points and conversions."


Growth Hacker, Namshi

"With’s Personalization Suite, we saw 8x the engagement from users who had interacted with, compared to users who hadn‘t interacted with them. The average basket size per order via recommendations was 40% larger than that of non-engaged users. The team has also been really prompt with suggestions for optimizing the placement of widgets, for constantly improving results."



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