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"With, leveraging AI is way more accessible than I initially thought."

- Santiago V, Co-founder, Vestua

"With the Image Recognition Technology, we were able to achieve upwards of 98% accuracy on our products."

- Eileen Rizzo, CIO & SVP - IT, Ashley Stewart

"Great tool to make the life of an eCommerce team a lot easier while saving a lot of money."

- Johannes Montag, Head of eCommerce, PICARD

"The eCommerce personalization solution introduces world standards to our platform."

- Karen Bruck, VP Marketplace, Hispanic South America Markets, Mercado Libre

"Very helpful in creating a recommendation engine and improving conversion on the website."

- Nishant K, Senior Manager - Marketplace, USPL

" is building intelligent retail automation in a niche, holistic manner and that’s why we’ve partnered with them."

- Sauvik Banerjjee, Founding CTO, Tata Digital & Tata Neu

"We found to be a very powerful addition to the platform."

- Chris Homer, Co-founder and CTO, ThredUp

"VueModel enabled us to go to market at ¼ the cost and 5x the speed"

- Elisa Rossi, CEO, Milaner

"The recommendations are a game changer for Namshi in terms of engagement, touch points and conversions."

- Selvin Kumar, Growth Hacker, Namshi

"With Vue, there’s a potential to build a significant partnership that really brings the value and power of AI."

- Raza Matin, CEO, Brandverse is an AI-powered experience management suite which combines the power of product, customer, and business intelligence using Computer Vision & NLP.

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