AI in Retail :
A report

Details on the growth of AI adoption in retail and how businesses are using it to improve customer experiences, save costs, boost revenue, and become more efficient.

The retail industry is accelerating the rate of technology adoption to a point where 80% of employees expect their businesses to adopt AI by 2027. This transformation is expected to be so widespread that by the time the adoption is complete, all of retail will be AI-powered.

With AI, retailers are becoming more efficient with their use of data and are also using it as a strategic asset.

From automating tasks and workflows, improving operational agility and efficiency, deriving insights into user behaviour and consumption patterns, or in gaining a deeper perspective into specific market trends and demographic changes, AI can deliver the results. And all of this can be used in inform decision making in real time.

In this report, learn in detail about how retailers are using AI in the five primary areas they are focusing on today

Meet conversion and revenue goals - with a focus on customer experience

Improve process efficiency and team productivity

Avoid wastage by making informed inventory decisions

Improve brand credibility and consumer trust

Build data moats, i.e., use data for a competitive advantage