The Big Picture

The global wellness industry—valued at $4.5B—is having its moment in the spotlight. Consumers are increasingly looking at the wellness industry through a broad lens. Nutrition and dietary balance are gaining traction along with the need for more choices, and accessibility to products that have proven benefits.

Kapiva is one of the fastest-growing direct-to-consumer brands in Asia. The brand is successfully delivering holistic, ayurvedic solutions in a modern, accessible, and convenient format. Their focus on quality and variety has helped them address various health and wellness issues through their online site.

Kapiva’s partnership with focuses on identifying and understanding user behavior on the site and across the recommendations implemented. They integrate AI-powered personalization with data-backed experiments on the site to ensure a positive impact on its ROI.


of total revenue flowing through


lift in repeat purchase rate for users engaging with


higher conversion rate from users engaging with


higher revenue per visit from users engaging with

The Need

The company’s core focus has been delivering Ayurvedic solutions in a modern, accessible and convenient format. They have a growing user base with a high rate of habitual shoppers and a strong retention rate. Shoppers on-site can go through a solutions-based journey based on a specific issue they want to address or a product-based journey with items grouped based on form or ingredient.

The partnership between Kapiva and was designed to

Provide business
intelligence to help
the team better
understand how
shoppers use their site.

Bring in a data-led
approach to
understanding their
shoppers’ journey.

Use personalization
as one of the
cornerstones to help
improve shopper
retention and loyalty.

Kapiva partnered with as the solutions offered would fulfill their need to understand user behavior better while providing nuanced feedback on how to deliver engaging and relevant recommendations tailored for every shopper on site.


Similar product recommendations based on product type for relevant shopper journeys

The Kapiva team used’s algorithms to run experiments that would surface product recommendations that were of a similar type - form or ingredient - to the products shoppers viewed. This was based on the hypothesis that shoppers seeing such products are more likely to add something to their cart.

Tweaking the algorithm according to product type helps the Kapiva team understand what drives shoppers forward.

Business intelligence-based AI makes experimentations and data-based analysis efficient and faster.

The recommendations showed improvement in both attributable revenue and add-to-cart performance.

Add to cart’ buttons on all product recommendations across the site to increase shopper engagement

The Kapiva and teams installed ‘Add to cart’ buttons on every product recommendation to simplify every aspect of the shopper experience and lower distractions on site.

The ‘Add to cart’ button ensures a quick add without navigating away from the page.

The button triggers a side pop-up that shows the cart without distracting the shopper or interrupting the journey.

A 71.1% lift was observed between the pre and post-ATC (Add To Cart) attribution after adding the button.

Past Purchase modules to ease the shopper journey and cater to repeat buyers on the site

A data-led analysis of the Kapiva site helped learn that a large number of shoppers were repeat buyers. The team worked to identify patterns in how shoppers used every page on the site.

Pages that showed shoppers recommendations of products they had bought or browsed earlier led to an increase in click-through rates.

Past Purchase modules on the home page helped improve the retention rate.

Kapiva also saw a 42% lift in repeat purchase rate from shoppers who engaged with the Past Purchase module.

Key Takeaways

  • The wellness market caters to a new generation of users across multiple age groups and geographies. Engaging these new shoppers and fulfilling their desires demands retailers to be ahead of them in how they position themselves, their brand, and their products online.
  • By building a tech-driven, personalized, and data-backed online site, Kapiva has put in place the first set of blocks that can drive its growth forward. By partnering with, the next set of blocks have been put in place.
  • True 1:1 personalization can help deliver customized shopper journeys for every shopper by showing them exactly what they want, when they want and where they want it. Data-backed solutions help make sense of shopper choices and intent, and strategies that deliver exceptional shopper experiences provides the impetus for users to keep returning to their favorite sites.

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